Priority principle for pressure regulation of the

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Priority principle of inking roller pressure adjustment

operators should keep the following priority principles in mind when adjusting the inking roller pressure:

1 To adjust the ink roller, you must first adjust the pressure between the ink roller and the ink roller. When adjusting the pressure of the inking roller and the inking roller, it does not affect the pressure between the inking roller and the plate cylinder. Although the two do not interfere with each other, the pressure of the inking roller and the inking roller must take priority

2. Among the inking rollers, the inking roller close to the water supply device should be adjusted larger, and the last inking roller should be adjusted lighter. Take j2018 2108 machine as an example. Generally, the width of the impression on the inking roller and the printing plate cylinder is 6mm in the order of the F-H curve graph displayed in the previous (4), 5mm, 5mm and 4mm compared with the fried dough twist drill

(yanghanlin, printing plant of Hunan Yueyang Petrochemical Complex)

source: printing technology

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