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Sidel international packaging industry exhibition launched priority heating bottle blowing machine

Sidel's latest sbocompact priority heating bottle blowing machine can efficiently produce simple and complex packaging with the minimum format conversion time. At packexpointernational, held in Chicago from November 9 to 13, 2008, as we mentioned above, Tetra Pak will show round jaw standard configuration: φ 6⑴3、 φ 13⑵6、 φ 26 (4) 0 the latest sbocompact priority heating bottle blowing machine using linear technology. This linear bottle blowing machine can produce pet square bottles and complex bottle packaging at the speed of 5600 bottles per hour, and change the configuration in a short time to produce standard packaging bottles

the first sbo4compact priority heating bottle blowing machine has been installed and operated in the factory of novapak, a bottler in the United States. Novapak has been focusing on PET packaging for household products, lawns and gardens, automotive products, personal care and food and beverage for decades


priority heating technology is usually used in production lines with low annual output to produce high-tech packaging with complex design. These bottles require a high level of technology and flawless quality

bottle design is very important. It is the symbol of product identity. Of course, there is no need to emphasize the quality. Alexandermagyar, vice president of operations at novapak packaging, said. Thanks to Sidel's experience in technology, we can provide the best packaging and process transformation and the best bottle quality. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product and the process of the equipment, such as the process used for engine utilization, door structure, pedal, front end, seat shell, underbody and cockpit cross member. Alexmagyar explained that we know that the bottles we design can be realized by the equipment

the flexibility of equipment is another important aspect. Due to different mode replacement, the production and operation time is very short. Our average running time is two days, alexmagyar said. We have more than 100 bottle types suitable for all customers, and more than 350 special bottle types specially provided for a certain customer. According to the number of molds we have, we hope to be able to flexibly produce various bottle shapes on one equipment without using the preferential heating technology

although the new SBO bottle blowing machine equipment completely adopts the optimized preferential heating technology, it only needs to configure the machine for less than 30 minutes, and it can also be used to produce standard packaging bottles. In addition, the quick replacement of molds and perso components reduces the format conversion time to 15 minutes. This improvement helps to reduce the time required for bottles to go on the market, and it is also a key factor for us in novapak to ensure the safety of users and extend the service life of the spring testing machine


sbocompact priority heating bottle blowing machine adopts the same linear technology as sbo4compact bottle blowing machine, and continues all the great functions and compositions of sbocompact series bottle blowing machines. The new bottle blowing machine has the same excellent industrial performance standards, well-designed motion design and simple mechanical structure, ensuring the firmness of the machine and the reliability of components. It has also proved the same heating and lifting blow molding accuracy as the high-speed sbouniversal excellent plastic series bottle blowing machine, making it an ideal equipment for producing high-standard bottles

sbocompact priority heating bottle blowing machine will also benefit from the options developed by Sidel to meet the special needs of the market. For example, in early 2009, we will install an air recovery system to significantly reduce the consumption of high-pressure air. Soon, we will also install the bottleneck Location Option on the machine

priority heating

priority heating process is an ideal solution for packaging bottles with a bottle wall thickness ratio greater than 1.4. In the heating channel, a group of mirrors can create continuous shadow areas and reflection areas to selectively heat the bottle embryo, so as to ensure that the heat distribution can perfectly meet the requirements of bottle design

in addition, after the bottle embryo is heated, the bottle embryo is continuously controlled before it is transferred to the bottle blowing stage. The preferential heating process can ensure that the opposite side receives the same lifting pressure, so as to perfectly control the thickness of the bottle. Thanks to its extensive process window, we can make highly accurate adjustments, so that the bottle can obtain the best temperature distribution in the mold and ensure the best bottle quality

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