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Private capital access in key areas will usher in new breakthroughs

it is worth noting that the current policy orientation to support the development of private enterprises is undergoing an important change. The flood irrigation assistance measures are gradually reduced, and more emphasis will be placed on accuracy, pertinence and landing

the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on October 31 once again stressed that we should adhere to the "two unwavering principles", promote the common development of the economy of various forms of ownership, and study and solve the difficulties encountered in the development of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises

in November, many ministries and commissions and local governments intensively launched large-scale private enterprise research. For example, the national development and Reform Commission carried out field research on the operation of private enterprises in Guangdong, Hubei and other provinces, and held discussions with local government departments to have an in-depth understanding of the implementation of private enterprise support policies, existing problems and next work considerations

"the new round of private enterprise research focuses on the business environment of private enterprises and the implementation of policies issued in the early stage." Wu Qi, a senior researcher at Pangu think tank, told the economic information daily that the high threshold of market access, the failure to establish the dominant position in the market, the weak protection of intellectual property rights and the high taxes and fees in some regions have restricted private enterprise investment. According to the spirit of the Politburo meeting, some policy effects need to be further released

Liu Xingguo, a researcher of the China Enterprise Federation, also told the economic information daily that the current research on private enterprises is to clarify the main obstacles to private investment and private enterprise development, so as to follow-up targeted policies and measures

in fact, local governments have taken action. It is reported that Jiangsu Province will speed up the drafting of implementation opinions to promote the high-quality development of private economy on the basis of research, and strive to put forward the first draft by the end of November. Shaanxi Province also plans to introduce relevant policies to further support the development of private economy

in the process of accelerating the implementation of the new round of private enterprise support policies, major breakthroughs will also be made in the access of private capital in key areas, especially in monopoly industries. Recently, the heads of several ministries and commissions have expressed their positions and released positive signals

Zhou Xiaofei, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, revealed that in terms of market access, we should continue to expand private investment space, continue to increase the opening up of key areas such as civil aviation and railways, attract private investment to actively participate in the construction of civil airports and high-speed railway projects, and actively introduce private investment in some monopoly industries through mixed reform

Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the National Bureau of statistics, said that in the next step, on the basis of deepening and implementing the first three batches of 50 Mixed reform pilots, the fourth batch of pilots should be launched as soon as possible. These pilot projects can enable private enterprises to enter more important fields such as power, oil, natural gas, railway, aviation, communications, military industry, etc

Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in the future, it will plan to cultivate 6 "small giant" enterprises that will make the operation of all transmission systems stable in three years, and relax the market access of private capital in telecommunications, military industry and other fields

in view of the long-term mechanism of market access, we also learned that the timetable for the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the negative list of market access has been released recently, and the relevant policies are being implemented by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. The 2018 version of the negative list of market access is expected to be released and implemented nationwide by the end of the year in qb/t 3887 (1) 999

"in the key field of private enterprise access, the beam displacement is 898mm, and the vertical experimental space is 1067mm). If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experimental space will be required to be a little higher. The specific situation needs to be corrected according to the experimental requirements to usher in a new breakthrough." Wu Qi said that on the one hand, through the full implementation of the negative list system of market access, we should innovate the way for private capital to enter key areas, and encourage and support private capital holdings. On the other hand, it is also clarifying the most comprehensive list of outcome forces exported by the government and power, and it is strictly prohibited to set additional conditions and discriminatory terms for private enterprises

"it can be said that the access restrictions on private capital have been basically eliminated. In order to promote private capital to truly enter key areas, the relevant departments have also established industrial development funds, innovated credit enhancement tools and increased the credit ratio of private enterprises in response to the problems of weak private capital and low credit." Liu Xingguo said

on the basis of further opening key areas to private capital, more large-scale private capital promotion projects are also being intensively launched. On November 1, Tianjin held the 2018 China enterprise international financing fair and private enterprise investment and financing fair, with 318 signed projects and an investment of 186.36 billion yuan. The 2018 private capital promotion project conference held in Henan on November 16 released a list of 218 key areas of projects, with a total investment of 262.6 billion yuan. On November 20, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission introduced 47 key projects to private capital, with a total investment of 297.764 billion yuan. And the upcoming "key listed companies into Hubei project promotion fair" on November 28 will promote 719 projects, with a total investment of more than 1.2 trillion

it is worth mentioning that the current policy orientation of supporting the development of private enterprises has changed significantly. Liu Xingguo pointed out that flood irrigation assistance measures are gradually decreasing, and precision assistance measures are increasing. Some places are trying to establish a direct contact mechanism between government departments and private enterprises to provide targeted assistance in accordance with the principle of "one enterprise, one policy". "In the future, targeted and accurate support will also be implemented in financing and other aspects to strictly prevent limited funds from being invested in zombie enterprises."

experts said that the new round of private enterprise support policies should also focus on solving the problem of difficult landing. For private capital, the effective demand of the market and the stable expectation of reasonable profits are more important than the investment project itself. "We should strengthen the pre examination of the promotion project to ensure that the project is true, reliable and implementable, and can bring reasonable expected profits to investors; strengthen the financing support for private enterprises after winning the bid, and ensure that the bid winner can raise sufficient project construction funds in time; strengthen the post service work of the project implementation and construction, and help the bid winner effectively solve the difficulties encountered in the project construction." Liu Xingguo suggested

Wu Qi said that in addition to increasing policy support and capital investment for key projects, it is also necessary to improve the incentive mechanism and fault-tolerant and error correction mechanism, strengthen supervision and accountability, and evaluate the implementation of policies, continue to promote the reform of decentralization, management and service and the transformation of government functions, and optimize the investment and business environment

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