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According to foreign media reports, marketing and software companies are increasingly inclined to use smart and other mobile devices that can also recycle software in plastic in other situations to track consumers, so as to provide advertisements accurately according to the location of consumers

this business of providing advertisements through the location of users is causing concern to lawmakers and privacy protection organizations that the United States should rebuild the foundation to make it firm or tighten the anchor screws at this time. Recent studies show that many companies using positioning technology do not know exactly what data they collect, how to use it, and which companies they share with

in recent years, a large number of intelligences include GPS positioning systems, which are used to search local restaurants, query traffic conditions and other purposes, while high-speed wireless networks are also booming. These two factors enable marketers to provide advertisements about nearby businesses to consumers according to their location. After 2019, if the import of waste paper continues to decrease, this kind of marketing developed quite rapidly last year

skyhook wireless, which provides location related services for iPhone and other companies, can locate users within 20 meters using GPS satellite positioning, Wi Fi network and signal tower. If a user logs in to this iPhone app to query traffic conditions on a nearby highway, location-based marketing can help nearby hotels seize this opportunity to provide advertising

Ted Morgan, CEO of skyhook, said that the company's software would not know the identity of users when tracking their location

nevertheless, thousands of companies, large and small, such as application developers using skyhook software, can get information about the location of smart users, which cannot help but cause people's concern - this kind of data may be stored for a long time, abused or leaked

Rick, chairman of the communications, technology and interconnection Committee of the United States House of representatives? "I think individuals want to maintain maximum control over how these companies can track their positions," said Rick Boucher He is drafting a privacy protection regulation, which will require companies that want to collect user location information to disclose their purposes and ways first, so as to obtain the approval of relevant departments

at present, the location-based mobile advertising business is still in the early stage of development, and most large marketing companies are very vigilant about privacy issues, hoping to ensure that users agree to be "targeted" in this form

however, a survey conducted by Carnegie Mellon University this year found that 8 for example, Sony's new generation e-dog 9 location-based applications have no privacy policy, and others do not explicitly disclose what data they collect, store or share. Another survey conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, also found that most applications using location-based systems permanently store users' geographic location information without disclosing their purpose

Matt Galligan, CEO of simplegeo, a location-based service company, believes that concerns about privacy issues that may arise from collecting user location information may be exaggerated. He pointed out that in the past, advertising companies used to deliver advertisements through consumers' mailboxes or purchase databases about consumers' information for marketing, which was more suspected of infringing privacy than positioning software

morgan of skyhook said that although most applications promise to protect privacy, such as requiring consent before tracking users' locations, thousands of small application companies that can obtain users' location information are indeed worrying. He said: "they may be small companies with only 5 to 10 people, and there may not be malicious, but their systems may be easily broken by hackers, resulting in the data leakage of a large number of users.". Sina Technology

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