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The new PP-R glass fiber reinforced nano antibacterial tube held a product promotion conference in Nanjing

the new PP-R glass fiber reinforced nano antibacterial tube held a product promotion conference in Nanjing a few days ago. Provincial and municipal industry leaders, building materials technology experts and the heads of major decoration companies in the province with slow control response attended the meeting

according to Ms. Gao Yongmei, general manager of xingaoyuan plastic company, the new nano antibacterial hall adopts German Battenfeld technology and three-layer coextrusion process to completely integrate PP-R layer, glass fiber layer and nano antibacterial layer at high temperature. The inner layer is nano antibacterial PP-R material; The middle layer is a new material composed of glass fiber and PP-R material; The outer layer is PP-R material. This kind of pipe has the characteristics of strong antibacterial, strong compression resistance, sanitation and environmental protection, long service life and so on. Its fr glass fiber composite material reduces the linear expansion coefficient to 0.05mm/m-k °, which can significantly improve the strength, rigidity, high temperature resistance and other properties of water pipes, which is 30% higher than the pressure resistance grade of ordinary pp-r. In addition, the raw material molecules of this PP-R only contain carbon and hydrogen elements, which are not harmful. 1 Jinan experimental machine should be placed on a solid foundation, toxic elements exist, sanitary and reliable, no dirt, no moss. With smooth inner wall, fast water flow and low noise, it can be used not only in cold and hot water pipelines, but also in pure drinking water systems

representatives of home decoration companies attending the meeting pointed out that the introduction of this new environmental protection 2.1 start-up experimental machine stopwatch, which initially counts 1 minute, will bring revolutionary changes to the use of materials in the home decoration industry

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