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New polypropylene products of Huabei Petrochemical Company are sought after by the market

on December 16, the first batch of 270 ton brand-new hb28f polypropylene products of Huabei Petrochemical Company just went offline in the granulation workshop of the second joint work area, and were all snapped up by long-awaited sales enterprises. This new brand polypropylene product is expected to become the main chemical product of North China Petrochemical in 2011, and the high-end film blowing quality has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging products

before the development of hb28f, this company has been producing biaxial tensile film special material code named li28f. After 2009, the competition in the domestic biaxially oriented polypropylene film market has intensified. In order to dilute costs and improve economies of scale, processing manufacturers have launched large-scale production lines with high production capacity and high speed, and the production line speed has reached more than 410 meters/minute. Facing the urgent research and development situation, the second joint work area of North China petrochemical production and operation office set up a research team headed by the director of the work area to actively study the batching method. Over a year, hundreds of tests were carried out, and finally the special material for high-speed bi-directional tensile film hb28 was determined. Ouyang Minggao, executive vice chairman of China electric vehicle hundred people's Association and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, proposed the production plan of F

on November 2, after all, the breakthrough of energy storage technology is inseparable. On November 2, a batch of products code hb28f were produced in the second joint work area. After testing, it can meet the durability test, the test of the relationship between tightening range and pressure, and the test of spring tightening under specific pressure. When the production line speed reaches 420 meters/minute, it can still maintain stable and uniform production quality. All indicators of the product meet the industry standards, and the product quality and performance can fully meet the needs of major high-speed production lines in China

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