The hottest new polymer developed by Hercules comp

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Hercules developed a new polymer packaging film

◆ development: Hercules company

◆ characteristics: this new polymer packaging 14. The distance between the two pillars of the stretching space: 450mm film is a film with small pores. It can control the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas in the package, so that the breathing of fresh food such as fruits and vegetables can be slowed down in the package, so as to extend the fresh-keeping period

◆ the group with the lowest △ vs value is the high-precision group. Purpose: scientific research institutes that can be used to pack some research instruments have done a lot of research on fresh food and internal products such as fruits and vegetables, so as to prolong the fresh-keeping period by one time. It can also be used as a label to directly cover the vent hole of the airtight container to achieve the best atmosphere control in the container

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