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China News Agency, Xiamen, April 14 (lixiangyang) - Zhang Qi, director of the information products management department of the Ministry of information industry, revealed here on the 13th that a new policy to regulate and ensure the development of China's electronic information industry will soon be introduced. Zhang Qi said at the "21st century information technology and industrial development trend high level forum" held here yesterday that the information industry in China is a rapidly developing emerging industry. In the past, the state has issued relevant policies, which have played a positive role in promoting the development and cultivation of the industry. However, with the sudden change and rapid development of information technology, these policies formulated by the state 30 years ago have not met the needs of industrial development. Especially in the 1990s, the extensive penetration of digital technology with computers and software as the core in various fields has set off an information revolution. Electronics has increased the market share of "Hubei materials". The information industry has greatly improved in product technology, categories and production scale, It has become the main driving force to promote the industrial twists and turns experiment. 1. The structure of concrete pressure testing machine is long. To this end, the relevant ministries and departments of the state have conducted coordination and communication for many times to fully cooperate with the introduction of the new policy. Zhang Qi also expressed the hope that both sides of the Taiwan Strait would strengthen cooperation in the electronic information industry. She said that the IT industry in the mainland of the motherland has developed rapidly, with a large number of talents and a huge market, while Taiwan's electronic information industry started early and has strength in production lines, parts and components, etc. the two sides of the Taiwan Strait complement each other's advantages and have broad prospects for joint development

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