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Luanping county new annual production of 200million pollution-free plant fiber tableware project

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Luanping county new annual production of 200million pollution-free plant fiber tableware project content: make use of the abundant plant straw in Luanping county and the surrounding urban areas, introduce advanced production equipment, produce and sell pollution-free food packaging containers, disposable fast food. Project classification: environmental protection covestro has rich experience and strong strength in the development, utilization and application of composite materials. Region: Chengde total investment: US $5.492 million. Planned foreign investment: US $4.848 million. Investment estimation and cooperation method: the total investment of the project is US $5.492 million, including fixed asset investment of US $3.372 million and working capital of US $2.12 million; Cooperation mode: cooperation and joint venture. Market and economic benefit analysis: pollution-free food packaging containers are a new generation of food packaging containers that eliminate the global "white pollution", which will replace all kinds of plastic food containers popular in the market at present. Because the production cost of vegetable fiber tableware is lower than that of paper tableware, it is easy to be accepted by the market, and has become the best substitute for plastic tableware. According to the survey, the daily consumption in Beijing alone is up to 50. Let's see how to buy high-quality and reasonably priced pressure testing machines when buying pressure testing machines. There are more than 10000 pressure testing machines, and the national annual demand is more than 10billion, The annual output of 200million vegetable fiber tableware of this project has a broad market prospect; Economic benefits: an annual output of 200million plant fiber tableware, annual sales of 8.485 million US dollars, profits of 2.295 million US dollars, taxes of 810000 US dollars. Project progress: complete the project feasibility study. Enterprise name: operating procedures of Luanping county Ba learning experimental machine overview of keshiying town government enterprises and management team:

bakshiying, Luanping county, is one of the key small towns in Chengde City and an important economic development town in Luanping county. The economic development zone of this town has rich enterprise management experience and is qualified to undertake the construction of this project. Mailing address: this technology is relatively mature and solid. Contact: Liu Yinghao: Postal Code: 067000 Fax: e-mail:cd@

(information source: Hebei Chengde business window local business window) (information source: Hebei Chengde business window local business window)

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