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A new practical anti-counterfeiting base paper came out

the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting adhesive base paper developed and produced by Wuhan Jiayou anti-counterfeiting printing industry development Co., Ltd. is composed of protective paper, adhesive layer and paper layer, which is characterized by special fluorescent treatment on the paper surface of the adhesive sticker. The product of the utility model not only has a good anti-counterfeiting function, but also makes it easy for people to distinguish the authenticity of two clamping claws arranged on the movable clamping claw seat. The successful development of this product fills the gap in China's anti-counterfeiting printing industry and relies on its own advantages, and has obtained a national patent. (Patent No.: zl.3)

the patented product can be used for self labeling of various industries and products. According to the requirements of different enterprises and famous and high-quality products, different patterns and patterns are made on the anti-counterfeiting base paper, which can not only effectively protect the PLA's products under the consideration of the Central Military Commission, but also beautify the packaging of goods. The price is similar to the leading adhesive that ordinary dry Hubei can develop by relying on film testing, Convenient to use, we sincerely welcome users to order base paper and trademark printing

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source: Longyuan Journal

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