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Regulations of the exhibition and the supervision measures of exhibits

a detailed understanding of the regulations of the exhibition and the supervision measures of the exhibits in the country is an important condition for running the exhibition well and achieving the desired results. The constitution of an exhibition has clear provisions on all aspects of the exhibition. For example, the general procedures of the 10th Osaka International Expo include the following 29 aspects: 1 Name 2 Purpose 3 Host unit 4 Support 5 Sponsorship 6 Duration 7 Venue 8 Exhibitors and exhibits 9 Types of exhibition venues and their basic facilities 10 Exhibition venue rental 11 Application and contract of exhibition booth 12 Application for exhibition rooms and cancellation and invalidation of contracts 13 Distribution of small rooms 14 Moving in and out of exhibits 15 Display 16 Actual performance 17 Trial sale 18 Safety protection of exhibits 19 Restoration of the exhibition site 20 Power supply, water supply and drainage 21 Admission 22 Burden and settlement of various funds 23 Exhibition publicity 24 List of exhibitors 25 Accident prevention and accident 26 Photography and copying 27 Change and suspension of the session 28 Rule 29 of the rules In order to make readers understand the rules and procedures more realistically, eight articles are selected from them, which are often encountered in exhibitions. The introduction is returned to the mainland after: first, exhibits: A: exhibits are products produced or operated by exhibitors

b: things like the following are forbidden to be exhibited

weapons, guns, knives, swords, ignition, explosive or radioactive dangerous substances, highly toxic substances, anesthetics, and things that may infringe industrial ownership are imported or prohibited from sale. In addition, the organizer believes that the items that hinder the holding of the exhibition

c: protection of industrial ownership

the exhibits related to the invention scheme before applying for industrial ownership are protected by item 3, Article 30 of the concession law (domestic) according to the separately prescribed procedures

II. Trial sale small room: a small room of 9 square meters (3mx3m), arranged as a single row or double row, can be used in the trial sale of goods in the trial sale small room, new products and non introduced products, etc. The detailed rules shall be handled in accordance with the special articles of Association for trial sale

III. Exhibition: exhibitors can set up exhibition equipment, decorations, various signs, etc. necessary to achieve the effect of exhibits by using the allocated small room. These facilities are limited to a height of 2.70 meters from the bed surface, and the details will be determined separately

IV. actual performance:

(1) the actual performance of the exhibits that may cause serious consequences should consider whether it will affect the safety of human body, property and other exhibitors; (2) When the organizer deems it necessary, it will restrict or stop the performance for the sake of safety

v. trial sale: the exhibitor cannot sell the exhibits or other items on the condition of transfer during the exhibition in the allocated exhibition room. However, according to the relevant provisions, the goods can be sold on trial in specific places

VI. photographing, photographing and copying:

without the consent of the exhibitor or the organizer, photography, mushroom monitoring, determination and type selection of the exhibits are not allowed

VII. We believe in the safety protection of exhibits:

(1) the organizer should be responsible for the management of the entire exhibition hall to ensure safety

(2) the exhibitor is responsible for the protection system of the exhibits. The organizer will not compensate for theft, loss, fire, operation and other accidents in the exhibition venue

(3) exhibitors should insure the goods moved into the museum during transportation and exhibition, and please take appropriate protective measures to introduce the best technical means

VIII. Restoration of the original state of the exhibition venue:

when the exhibitor works in the venue, in principle, it will be completely restored during the removal of the exhibits. The so-called restoration is not as it is. If the restoration cannot be carried out during the session, and the organizer handles it on his behalf, the costs required for the restoration will be borne by the exhibitor

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