The hottest new polypropylene resin fills the dome

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New polypropylene resin fills the gap in China

- a kind of ultra-high liquidity and high rigidity polypropylene resin has been successfully produced in the 10000 ton/year polypropylene plant in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company on November 11, resulting in the sound, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, catalysis and other characteristics of the material compared with ordinary materials. The average melt flow rate of the product reached 54 grams/10 minutes, filling the gap in the development and production of ultra-high fluidity and high rigidity polypropylene in China and laying the foundation for sustainable development

ultra high fluidity and high rigidity polypropylene is mainly used in the production of thin-walled products. Its superior performance can make injection products easy to form and process, reduce injection defects and scrap rate, so as to reduce energy consumption and shorten the molding cycle of products, It is proposed that "the environmental conditions (including platform environment) around the tested product created by the experimental equipment should meet the requirements of the environmental conditions and their tolerances specified in the product experimental specifications" for high product output. In recent years, the domestic market has been directly dependent on foreign imports from Japan, Europe, South Korea and Singapore

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