The hottest new polycarbonate blend resin produced

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Ge produces a new polycarbonate blend resin

GE company recently developed a new type of blend resin with polycarbonate as the main material. Its trade name is' Xtreme CY colov PC/AB, and the corresponding measurement range is selected. It is easy to process, bond and has a larger net surface area. The capacity of excess area transfer capacity 5 resin series'

it is said that the polycarbonate blend resin has good pressure system stability, reliable impact and low-temperature ductility, strong thermal aging and hydrolysis stability. According to the experiment, this material with polycarbonate as the main component has no change in the molar mass during the thermal aging test, and the change in the molar mass under the humid and hot environment is less than 10%. The product also improves the fluidity of polycarbonate, accelerating its circulation speed and reducing its injection pressure during processing. Its high fluidity and impact properties also allow it to process products with thinner wall thickness, which is ideal for injection molding instrument panels

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