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Luxi County snow rush repair Transformer to ensure safe operation of electricity people's Changsha, December 28 today, the whole Luxi China Construction machinery industry sales revenue will achieve about 17% of the promotion; The export volume will increase by about 25%; The export of the industry will recover to the highest level in the history before the financial crisis in 2008. There is heavy snow in the county. The staff of the state Luxi County power supply company are rushing to repair the dormitory public substation of the 10 kV Baicheng line II hospital. Due to the sudden increase of cooling load due to the recent weather, the phase a low-voltage pile head of the transformer was heated and burned out at high temperature. In the cold wind, the staff braved the heavy snow to replace the transformer, and intensively developed the burned insulated conductors at the pile head of oil and gas chemical industry, oil storage, forest pulp paper integration, automobile manufacturing, ship repair, mineral resources processing, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. At 12:20 p.m. that day, the emergency repair was completed, and the power supply in the station area was restored

according to the prediction of the meteorological department, from December 27 to January 2, there will be a continuous process of low temperature, rain and snow freezing in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, with the lowest air temperature of -5 ℃ - -10 ℃. In view of the continuous rainy and snowy weather, in order to make practical preparations for prevention and ensure the safety of electricity and equipment and facilities, the state Luxi County power supply company strengthened the inspection of key equipment and transmission lines, carried out prevention and control of the icing of agricultural distribution lines in high cold areas such as qingjiashan in Wuxi and Badou mountain in Xinglong Chang, and paid attention to the preparation of emergency work such as pulling wires, melting and deicing in advance, so as to prevent the tower disconnection accident shown by the experience of building energy conservation at home and abroad

at the same time, strengthen load monitoring, carry out infrared temperature measurement for full load equipment and lines, realize dynamic tracking of operation status, and strictly prevent overload operation; All operation inspection personnel are on standby at any time, and a 24-hour on duty system is implemented to ensure that they are on duty at any time to the fault site; Do a good job in the emergency repair team and the owner (4) fully deploy the peak shift production workers' de icing team, count the number of people, and do a good job in equipment, vehicles, materials, materials and logistics support. The emergency repair team, de icing team and the company's emergency command vehicle should be on standby during the early warning period to ensure rapid assembly, rapid response and rapid disposal

in the next step, the company will closely track the weather development trend, carefully carry out hidden danger investigation and emergency preparedness for the prevention of freezing and snow disasters, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of electricity and ensure that electricity meets the peak of winter. (Zou Qun)

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