The hottest luxury gift box zongzi is not good-loo

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The luxury gift box zongzi is not good-looking and can't be sold. The packaging of goods exceeds three layers. In view of the transitional packaging of products in the Dragon Boat Festival gift market, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision recently held a special inspection, among which the well-known brand Wuliangye wufangzhai was suspected of over packaging. Yangcheng Evening News visited some supermarkets in Guangzhou and found that the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching, and the packaging of luxury gift boxes such as zongzi and tea in many supermarket stores was colorful and eye-catching, but the gift boxes with exquisite packaging were expensive, two to three times more expensive than the general packaging, and the sales volume was not much. The gift box of bamboo dumplings with simple packaging is popular. It is seen in large supermarkets such as AEON and Carrefour in Guangzhou that many citizens choose gifts for their relatives and friends as well as buying holiday food for their families. Ms. Li, a citizen, chose a gift box of zongzi with relatively simple packaging and relatively cheap price. When asked how to choose, she said: I'm mainly comparing the net content with ingredients, packaging and so on. I throw it away after using it. I think it's very wasteful and not in my consideration. Ms. Zhong, a salesperson, said that the experimental data files can be saved in the way that access often uses databases or sqlserve large databases. Yangcheng Evening News said: in recent years, fewer and fewer customers buy exquisite gift boxes, and everyone's consumption tends to be rational. According to her observation, customers who come to the supermarket to buy zongzi are mostly for their families or elders, and they don't care much about the packaging. The manufacturer must also be aware of this. The packaging in the past two years is simpler than before. A batch of innovative resources have been gathered to improve product quality and establish a brand wufangzhai gift box with a box of 1000 yuan. Although most consumers are rational in consumption, ultra luxury gift boxes are still very popular in high-end shopping centers. During the visit, it was found that the wufangzhai gift box suspected of being over packaged by Shanghai Quality Supervision and inspection was beautifully packaged, and the price of a box could reach 1000 yuan. The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision told that products like moon cake gift boxes and zongzi gift boxes are the easiest to produce, but the problem of excessive packaging now lies in the void ratio of packaging. For example, some packages are large, but there are only two zongzi inside. The packaging of goods is limited to less than three layers. Since April 1st, 2010, China has implemented the JJF rules for the Metrological Inspection of food and cosmetics packaging as the technical basis for the quality inspection department to carry out the inspection of excessive packaging of goods. The national standard GB "requirements for restricting excessive packaging of goods food and cosmetics" stipulates a limit on the void ratio of food packaging: 55% of beverage and wine, 60% of cake, 10% of grain, 50% of health food, and 45% of other food. Except for grain, the number of packaging layers of other products is required to be less than three

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