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Luxury car reception room 2019, Porsche's electrification "year of preparation"

talking about Porsche's electrification Road, it should be traced back to more than 100 years ago

in 1900, Prof. Ferdinand Porsche, who holds the patent of hub motor, and Ludwig lohner, the operator of lohner Werke in Vienna, jointly built an electric car with hub drive technology, named "lohner Porsche", which was famous at the Paris World Expo that year

then, in pursuit of performance, Ferdinand Porsche improved the design and installed hub motors on both rear wheels. However, limited by the technology at that time, the battery pack carried by lohner Porsche was low density and heavy. Thus, Ferdinand Porsche came up with the idea of charging the battery with an internal combustion engine

precisely because of this wonderful idea, lohner Porsche "Semper vivus", the ancestor of hybrid electric vehicles, was born. The car adopts a battery with only 44 units and two generators driven by the dedion bouton internal combustion engine. The generator transmits electric energy to the two hub motors installed on the front wheel, and the remaining energy is used to charge the battery. This car has achieved a small-scale mass production of about 300 units

"when I looked around, but I couldn't find a compact, lightweight and energy-efficient dream car, I decided to build one myself."

everyone should remember the famous saying of Ferry Porsche. Now when you see the words "efficient use of energy", it is not difficult to understand why Porsche is so active in the face of electrification. Influenced by this father and son, the dream of a perfect sports car, and perhaps an electric car, flows in Porsche's "blood"

Porsche announced at the beginning of 2018 that it plans to invest more than 6billion euros in the field of electric vehicles by 2022, including the development of the first pure electric sports car taycan and its derivative model taycan cross Turismo, the development of electric and hybrid models of the existing product series, the development of new technologies, charging infrastructure and intelligent mobile travel, and the expansion of the factory

last year was the 70th year of the birth of the Porsche brand. In the next 10 years, the company will adopt a three pronged product strategy, covering optimized fuel vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric sports cars. Taycan plans to make its global debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens in September this year. 2020 will be the first full year of sales of this electric sports car. Meanwhile, taycan will officially enter the Chinese market in 2020

therefore, if 2020 is regarded as the "first year" for Porsche to enter the new era of electrification, 2019 is the "year of preparation"

plug in hybrid models play a leading role

in Porsche's view, the future belongs to electric vehicles. Porsche aims to transform to electrification more quickly, ahead of other German automakers. They plan to sell one of every two sports cars by 2025

put the time pointer back to March, 2010. On the opening day of the Geneva auto show that year, Porsche's second-generation Cayenne was unveiled, and its biggest highlight was the introduction of the first plug-in hybrid model based on Cayenne - Cayenne S hybrid. With the advent of this model, Porsche officially established the "performance oriented" hybrid and pure electric technology direction

in fact, at the end of the first generation of cayenne, Porsche began to develop Cayenne's plug-in hybrid model at the behest of Wendelin Wiedeking, then CEO, because he has been worried about the oil price, powertest2.0 needs to back up the powertest under the software installation path cal、PowerTest. hdw、PowerTest. Exe, experimental scheme The growth of MDB files, bin folders and data files under data folders will have a vicious impact on the entire automotive industry. However, due to the fact that R & D has been in the experimental stage and the product upgrading is approaching, the plug-in hybrid model of the first generation Cayenne has not been introduced to the market

at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the mass production version of the Porsche 918 Spyder was unveiled. This hypercar, which is called one of the new three God cars together with Ferrari laferrari and McLaren P1, set a new North lap record of 6 minutes and 57 seconds at that time. In 2014, Porsche returned to the highest category of endurance race and brought the most complex car 919 hybrid in the company's history. In the following three years, Porsche won the Le Mans championship and the world Endurance Championship three times with the 919 hybrid

Porsche has proved the reliability of its plug-in hybrid technology on the track, and has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in this regard

in 2017, Porsche also equipped its flagship pananmera with plug-in hybrid technology and launched Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid and Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid sport turbomo models. Subsequently, cayenne was upgraded, and its plug-in hybrid model, the new Cayenne e-hybrid, officially met with Chinese consumers during the Guangzhou auto show last year

at present, two of the five product series owned by Porsche have launched plug-in hybrid models, which have been introduced to the domestic market. Recently, Dr. -ing. Jens puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China, said in an interview that the sales of Porsche plug-in hybrid models in the Chinese market may reach 10000 units in 2019

in 2018, Porsche delivered 80108 new vehicles in China, a year-on-year increase of 12%. If this growth rate continues this year, the sales volume of 10000 plug-in hybrid models will account for more than 11%. For the vision of Porsche 2025, plug-in hybrid vehicles will account for a large proportion. At the same time, plug-in hybrid models will have a positive impact on future pure electric vehicles

prepare for the listing of taycan

how does Porsche view the prospect of taycan in the Chinese market? Dr. Yan Boyu said, "we are very concerned about the development of the Chinese market and changes in policies. From the perspective of the total amount of electric vehicles and the battery market, China is definitely the world's largest electric vehicle market. It is a very important and correct step for Porsche to bring pure electric vehicles to China, so we should be prepared."

in order to meet the mass production of taycan, Porsche has opened the largest expansion project in the past 80 years in the existing factory of zuwenhausen factory, including a new coating workshop, stamping workshop, an assembly workshop including logistics functions, powertrain workshop and vehicle body transportation overpass. It has invested about 700million euros and added 1200 new jobs. In addition, Porsche has also increased its investment in Weissach R & D center

although Porsche announced the formal inclusion of taycan into the mass production vehicle line only in June last year, in fact, the zuwenhausen factory began the transformation work at the end of 2015. From the timetable, it can be seen that Porsche is already ready to put taycan into production

China is not only the largest electric vehicle market in the world, but also the largest single market of Porsche brand for four consecutive years. There is no doubt that this will also become the largest "examination room" of taycan. Dr. Yan Boyu said, "we are confident that taycan meet all the requirements of Chinese consumers for pure tram models. I believe our vehicles will certainly exceed the expectations of Chinese consumers for pure tram models."

it was previously reported that the production capacity of 20000 units of taycan in the first year had been booked out, and then the news that Porsche was going to expand the production of taycan immediately became rampant. Recently, this statement has been officially confirmed and aroused the cooperation of this expertise and products. At present, more than 20000 people have registered to join the list of potential buyers of taycan. It can be seen that although the final design of taycan is still unknown, it still does not hinder its attention

when I communicated with Ms. Tang Fengliang, vice president of media and public relations of Porsche China, I talked about the pre-sale of taycan in the Chinese market. She said that considering various comprehensive factors such as the initial production capacity, domestic import process and charging layout, after the start of the global pre-sale of taycan, Porsche did not vigorously promote it in China, but so far the market feedback is very good, and it is still "heating up"

at the end of February 2019, the Porsche global supervisory board decided to build the next generation Macan into a pure electric vehicle. Macan is currently the best-selling model of Porsche brand, both in the global market and in the Chinese market. With the next generation Macan to launch the second shot of electrification, Porsche's determination to expand in the field of electric travel is evident

at the beginning of July 2018, Porsche decided to produce the next generation Macan in Leipzig factory. Leipzig's investment in electrification has created opportunities for Porsche to produce pure electric vehicles on its existing production lines in the future. On March 13, 2019, Porsche laid the foundation for the expanded body workshop of the Leipzig factory. It is reported that Leipzig plant has invested more than 600million euros for this expansion. The body of the next generation pure electric Macan will be produced in the new body workshop at the beginning of the next decade

taycan is the sixth product series of Porsche. After the launch of the next generation Macan, two of the six product series will be pure electric vehicles, and another two have plug-in hybrid models. At that time, the three pronged product strategy will initially take shape

at the same time, the further expansion of the zuwenhausen plant and Leipzig plant is also revealing to us that Porsche has no domestic plans. On the one hand, the expansion of the plant is to meet the capacity demand after entering the era of electrification and build a reasonable production layout; On the other hand, as Porsche has always emphasized, the main factor for the success of the brand is to fully follow the "German process" in production and manufacturing, and strict quality standards and meticulous details cover all aspects of vehicle manufacturing

how is the charging infrastructure prepared

if Porsche is ready for everything from factories to products, what is the biggest challenge it faces next? As we all know, in addition to having excellent product power, another important aspect of consumers' concern for new energy vehicles is charging facilities

Dr. Yan Boyu said, "we need to find ways to provide more convenient charging infrastructure. In addition to charging facilities at home, we also need to provide charging solutions in more scenarios. Therefore, the crucial point in 2019 is the layout and expansion of charging infrastructure, which should be able to meet the charging needs of consumers in different scenarios."

thanks to the innovative 800 V charging technology, taycan store and provide power with a range of up to 100 kilometers in 4 minutes (under European NEDC conditions). Fast charging requires a powerful charging system. Porsche plans to build three versions of 00 high-power charging stations with an output power of 350 kW around the end of 2019 in Europe. In the United States, electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, will build charging facilities in 300 highway charging stations from 2019

at the beginning of this year, Porsche announced its cooperation with electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, a special friction coefficient tester for the film industry. In the future, taycan owners can charge in every electrify America in North America

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