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Luozhou axis company held a customer promotion meeting for key main engines of turntable bearings

Luozhou axis company held a customer promotion meeting for key main engines of turntable bearings

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on July 11, the customer promotion meeting for key main engines of turntable bearings of the company was grandly held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. 100 representatives from key main engine customers of rotary table bearings in various industries in China, such as wind power generation, engineering machinery, metallurgy and heavy mining, port machinery, military units and scientific research institutes, attended the meeting to discuss development plans with Syria and actively communicate and exchange on topics such as supply and demand guarantee and cooperation of LYC rotary table bearings

At the meeting, Zhang Xiaojun, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, delivered a passionate speech on behalf of the company. He pointed out that host customers are a very valuable asset for enterprises and the foundation for the survival and development of Luozhou axis. To further expand and strengthen the key, advantageous and fist products of rotary table bearings, consolidate and deepen the trust and cooperation with the majority of key customers of rotary table bearings, and continue to strengthen the rapid and stable development of rotary table bearings, plays a decisive role for Luozhou axis. Therefore, in the face of the new normal of China's economic development and the new pattern of market competition, and in the face of the personalized needs of our customers, especially the customers of rotary table bearing main engine, Luozhou axis will unswervingly assume its responsibility for the society, repay the trust and love of our customers with considerate service and perfect products, and win the cooperation and support of our customers with sincerity, confidence and strength. It is hoped that through this meeting, we can have frank communication and exchanges, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and jointly plan for future cooperation and development. At the same time, we also hope to take this meeting as an opportunity to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership between the two sides, cooperate sincerely and work together to make the common cause move towards new brilliance

at the meeting, pangbitao, the chief engineer of the company, made a special report entitled "application and development of turntable bearings". Relevant personnel from the technical center and the turntable bearing business department successively communicated with you on "product development system for turntable bearing product design and their service ability", "production of turntable bearings 5. Shut down and stop electromechanical products and quality control after sample fracture", etc. During the meeting, customers, including representatives of building energy-saving products, also visited the production site of Jiangsu hipris Bearing Co., Ltd. with great interest

the successful convening of this meeting has enabled the majority of key main engine customers of rotary table bearings to have a new understanding of the production, operation, reform and development of Luo shaft, a deeper understanding of the application and development of rotary table bearings, the technical R & D strength, production and manufacturing and quality control level of LYC rotary table bearings, and a firm confidence and clear direction for future cooperation and development. Customer representatives at the meeting expressed their willingness to further strengthen strategic cooperation with Luozhou axis to achieve common development goals. During the meeting, some customers reached a number of supply and demand cooperation intentions with Luozhou axis on the spot

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