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Luxury moon cake boxes "underground" quietly make

"authentic packaging high-end gift boxes, from a large packaging factory in Shenzhen, mainly producing gift boxes for moon cakes, wine, tea, cosmetics, etc. Shenzhen technology, Zhejiang price, Shenyang production." Yesterday, according to this small advertisement, the packaging company was found in a small alley in Fengtian Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang

the moon cake box has 2000 batches, and the unit price is 70 yuan

for the sudden arrival, the person in charge of this company, the printing and packaging engineer Zhan, asked repeatedly, "how did you find this?" After telling him that he had "contacted" three days ago, Zhan took him to his gift box sample room: "I don't believe you. Now these high-end boxes are not allowed to be sold in the market."

in the exhibition room of less than 10 square meters, there are various moon cake boxes, wine boxes, etc. on the large shelves against three walls, and more than 40 kinds of moon cake boxes account for more than half, but most of them are paper products

When it comes to price, Zhan said, "the average price of a general box is 30-40 yuan, and the higher grade is about 100 yuan." Pointing to a medium-sized moon cake box, Zhan told that if the batch was 2000, the unit price was about 70 yuan

the high-end gift box can be customized by the technical personnel of single star high-tech according to the requirements of the experiment.

for several ordinary moon cake boxes, they said they were "not very satisfied" and asked if there were any better ones suitable for gift giving. Zhan said that the price must be much higher. One is a slightly better iron box. The highest grade is a wooden box with silk inside. The interior can be designed according to the requirements of customers, and can put all kinds of gifts

asked to take out a sample box. Zhan appeared very cautious and only took out a wooden wine box with a lion's head carved on it. Zhan said, "such a box requires hundreds of yuan. The better the wood is used, the finer the workmanship, and the higher the price." (Liaoshen Evening News) [: Qian Wensheng]1

according to insiders, some high-end moon cake boxes and zithers carved with good wood cost more than 10000 yuan

when leaving, Zhan also told: "if you want to do it, you can come and talk about it in detail tomorrow, but you should hurry up, because the design and production will take half a month."

moon cakes · survey

there is a market for thousand yuan moon cakes

at the moon cake exhibition in a large shopping mall in Shencheng, moon cakes from seven or eight provinces across the country were placed 100 meters long. The mooncakes sold in bulk were basically 1 yuan a piece, and the packaged price was mostly more than 100-200 yuan. The price of mooncakes in Liaoning real estate is relatively cheap, with 60 or 70 yuan. There are about 10 mooncakes in a large box, and only a few less. The salesperson said that those priced at one or two hundred yuan sold best, and the overall price was lower than last year. "Moon cakes with more than one thousand yuan last year are very common."

this year, a survey of 150 moon cake production enterprises conducted by relevant state units showed that the price of moon cakes has been decreasing year by year at a rate of 5% to 6% in recent years, and the decline rate will be greater this year, about more than 10%. According to this figure, the average price of each kilogram of moon cakes this year is about 60 yuan. According to 10 pieces of moon cakes per kilogram, the average price of each piece is about 6 yuan

when a box of moon cakes is sold for threeorfour yuan, the price is obviously a little too high, said an insider

in some wholesale markets, high priced moon cakes are relatively rare. In Xiaodong food wholesale market, an operator told, "the price is too high to sell."

there are still moon cakes with more than 1000 yuan

in a supermarket, the price of "Yan, Bao, Ji" series of a brand is 688 yuan, and wine and tea are tied. The salesperson said, "this kind of moon cake is for gifts." There is also a moon cake tie-in XO wine

in some high-end star hotels in Shenyang, the prices of high, medium and low-grade single moon cakes range from 100 yuan, hundreds of yuan to 1000 yuan. A hotel near Taiyuan street sells fishing rods, golf clubs and moon cakes together, and the most expensive moon cake is 1388 yuan. The person in charge of the catering Department of a five-star hotel told me

compared with last year, the luxury style of moon cakes in star rated hotels this year is worse than last year. "The basic price is 100-400 yuan. Because of different quantities, there will be a discount of 5-10%

"the reason why we can still see moon cakes with a price of 1000 yuan is still because there is a market." The person in charge revealed that the sales revenue of mooncakes in some star rated hotels during the Mid Autumn Festival is even 50% or even twice that of their catering business revenue in a month, just like the hotel that launched 1388 yuan mooncakes, which are largely to meet the gift giving needs of some business guests

moon cake · trend

the luxury packaging of moon cakes is decreasing

"the notice of the four national ministries and commissions has indeed made the luxury packaging behavior of Shenyang moon cake market converge this year." Yesterday afternoon, Chen Yingjie, Secretary General of Liaoning packaging and printing industry chamber of Commerce, told, "we have a clear feeling that Shenyang's packaging and printing enterprises have significantly less work this year."

Chen Yingjie said that from the perspective of packaging and printing enterprises, luxury packaging makes more money than simple packaging. From August to September every year, that is, the first two months of the Mid Autumn Festival, is the peak season for the processing of moon cake packaging boxes. Last year, I couldn't do any work. This year, according to his understanding, several major moon cake producers in Shenyang have increased the production of simple packaging of moon cakes compared with the past. Although there is no specific statistics, it is certain that the processing value of moon cake boxes of packaging and production enterprises has decreased

moon cake · pay attention to

how high is the profit of moon cake

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of a well-known moon cake production enterprise in Shenyang calculated a moon cake price account

the weight reduction of the body panel of the car has reduced the center of gravity of polar 1. This person said that the cost composition of boxed moon cakes placed on the counters of shopping malls or supermarkets probably includes these parts: the highest proportion is the production cost of the cake itself, which assists the industry in developing copper electrode solar battery technology, including the cost of raw materials such as stuffing, flour, oil, etc., while the price of general stuffing is 20 yuan/kg; Secondly, the cost of gift box; Second, production costs include personnel expenses, production losses, etc; There are also costs of blister holders, deoxidizers, separate packaging bags, handbags, etc; Marketing expenses, including brand publicity, sales personnel costs, entry fees, discounts to shopping malls, supermarkets, consumers, etc; In addition, it also includes the loss of goods returned after the Mid Autumn Festival, which should be taken into account in pricing and marketing

it can be said that even considering the risks that enterprises must bear, such as the overall market downturn and particularly severe goods rejection, "from the perspective of moon cakes alone, all added value, including 20% profit, the cost of a 100g moon cake plus profit, is 6-8 yuan; the maximum cost of a moon cake gift box should generally not exceed 60 yuan."

moon cakes · reasons

some manufacturers' hotels are playing time difference

the national development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement in July this year, clearly stipulating that moon cakes cannot be tied up and luxury packaging. Previously, relevant departments in Shenyang have issued the announcement to all moon cake manufacturers and hotels

relevant professionals said that previously, the announcement issued by the national development and Reform Commission and other departments standardized the price, quality, packaging and tying behavior of moon cakes. However, as a guiding opinion of the government, the announcement can only clarify what is in favor of and against, and does not have enforceability

because there is still a market for luxury moon cakes, some moon cake manufacturers and hotels have a "time gap", and the luxury packaging and tying of moon cakes appear with it

according to relevant media reports, according to the new standard, the packaging cost of moon cakes should not exceed 25% of their ex factory price

moon cakes · commentary

moon cakes are classified as "rotten cakes"

My name is moon cakes. As everyone knows, I am a seasonal snack for the Mid Autumn Festival. Theoretically, compared with dumplings, my position in the Chinese traditional food family is not prominent; But in recent years, I have gradually become the king of the most sexual topics in this big family

in that year, the "Chen stuffing incident" made the century old "Nanjing Guanshengyuan" bankrupt, which shocked the industry for a moment. And this is just the beginning of my falling into the whirlpool of right and wrong. Every year, the month before the Mid Autumn Festival, there are the most revelations about me: golden moon cakes, abalone moon cakes, buying moon cakes with commercial housing... I, this production process is not complicated, and the traditional dim sum with a low birth is bound up with sky high prices, corruption and power and money transactions, and I have been frequently denounced. I heard that there will be special packaging legislation recently to tell me what to wear and how many layers of clothes to wear There are strict restrictions on what jewelry to wear, that is, if their value exceeds 1/3 of my value, they cannot be sold on the market

back to my history, at least thousands of years. My name is moon cake, also known as Hu cake, palace cake, small cake, moon group or reunion cake. I don't want to be renamed "corruption cake" because of the famous wine and gold spoon in the box. It is said that the name of the moon cake is given by the couple of Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty and Yang Yuhuan, which means good and reunion. I don't want to be misled by the trade of power and money; My traditional ingredients are flour, sugar and all kinds of nuts. Originally, they are civilian snacks that can be enjoyed by the most ordinary families. I really don't want to risk universal condemnation in the context of the people talking about energy conservation and creating an energy-saving society, because the "crime" added to me - "every production of 10million boxes of monthly cakes, its packaging will consume 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of 10 cm at breast height" is enough to make me a "eternal sin snack"

as the old saying goes: the delicious steamed stuffed bun is not on the pleat. Dumplings, spring cakes, glutinous rice balls, and an moon cake, our brothers also constitute a beautiful scenery on the stage of Chinese traditional food culture by strength. "Eliminate the false and retain the true, and return me to my true colors". On the full moon night of this mid autumn festival, I made such a wish, including testing, computer-aided design and manufacturing technology

source: Northeast China

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