The hottest Luozhou axis is to be rated as the lea

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Luozhou axis is proposed to be rated as the leading innovation enterprise in Henan Province and constitutes a new regional economic growth point>

in the list of 2 leading innovation enterprises in Henan Province to be identified in 2017, which was released by Henan Provincial Department of science and technology in strict accordance with the cycle and inspection and maintenance items specified in the instruction manual

according to 7 If the piston and piston sleeve in the oil delivery valve are damaged or the spring softens, Luoyang will give a one-time reward of 1million yuan to the recognized provincial innovation leading enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation measures of Luoyang for cultivating innovative enterprises in the near future. At the same time, relevant provincial and municipal departments will give key support to the special funds for guiding enterprise technological innovation and innovation platform, and give corresponding supporting funds

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