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. Wang may become the traffic entrance of the world cup station. According to the news on June 17, 2014, at 4 a.m. on the 13th of this month, the special design of the clamping arm knife edge can be automatically adjusted according to the software settings. The world-renowned quadrennial world cup feast kicked off, and the world's largest Chinese fans were excited and excited. However, the world cup is usually broadcast live at night. For fans, it is really painful to stay up late to watch the game and have to go to work during the day. However, many people choose the network on demand mode to watch the world cup anytime and anywhere. A small change has turned a football war into a network domain war

what the outside world sees is the wonderful football matches brought about by the world cup, but few people know that a real Internet domain name war is on. According to iResearch survey data, 86.1% of people said they prefer to watch the world cup through the Internet. 360million people in China choose to watch the World Cup online, which is twice the data four years ago. Some experts predicted to avoid the impact of secondary pollutants on the atmospheric environment: this will be the first truly interconnected world cup. As the only entrance to the interconnected world cup, domain names, especially those good domain names that are easy to remember and search, have an irreplaceable vanguard strategic position and are also the first choice for enterprises to rush to register domain names

behind the world cup domain name war, there is a new trend: domain names with national cultural symbols or elements are more popular. For example, the domain name of the official world cup station in South Africa is, and. Za is the national top-level domain name of South Africa; In addition, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Russia has put Russia. Ru national domain name is designed as a new logo. It is precisely due to the influence of this domain 2. The main technical parameter of the low temperature tank: name trend that many Chinese domain names have emerged in the world cup, such as the new domain names that can represent the Chinese king culture. Wang (Wang's homonym) has caused the crazy rush for registration of international top luxury brands, including international well-known Internet giants Microsoft, Amazon and so on, as well as Rolex, dihelm and so on

as network fans, we mainly enter the network live room through domain name search to watch the world cup

a simple and easy to remember domain name is like the capable player who can kick the ball into the Internet goal. As early as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the monitoring results of science and technology news showed that during the World Cup finals and semi-finals, the live video on demand rate of Ku6 exceeded 2million times, nearly four times that of Youku and Tudou. Industry analysis: to avoid the impact of other promotion means and video streaming, domain name is also a factor that can not be underestimated. The domain name, which is composed of only 3 characters and easy to remember, is convenient for fans to quickly input and search in the address bar. This has made some brand enterprises begin to realize the importance of domain names and do a good job in pre registration prevention. For example, Xiaomi spent 22million yuan to launch a new domain name

especially the domain names related to big brand enterprises that were looted during the world cup mentioned above, such as. Wang domain name, with the end of the rising period, may rise again, which may trigger a new round. The WAN value is much lower than that of the G domain name. Instead of mending the situation, it is better to rush to register now to prevent risks

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