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Wangzhigang: I hope the international community will strengthen exchanges and cooperation to promote artificial intelligence to better benefit mankind. On March 8, the third "Ministerial channel" of the 2019 NPC and CPPCC was held in the Great Hall of the people. Ministers are here to face the hot spots and respond to concerns

On March 8, the second plenary session of the 13th National People's Congress was held at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. This is Wangzhigang, Minister of science and technology, giving an interview at the "Ministerial channel". AP:

many people believe that China's artificial intelligence has taken the lead in the world, but many people worry that artificial intelligence technology will facilitate some illegal acts, such as violations of personal freedom and privacy. How can China promote the healthy development of artificial intelligence technology? At the same time, will there be a red line for some technology developers to protect their privacy? Thank you

Wangzhigang, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology:

this issue is indeed a hot issue. The development and application of artificial intelligence is the development of science and technology, the development of interdisciplinary disciplines, and the important trend of the new round of industrial revolution. As the associated press said just now, China's AI development is indeed in the first place. In the process of promoting the development of artificial intelligence, the Chinese government has done a lot of work, issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, formulated relevant technical standards and regulations after a period of time, and universities, enterprises and scientific research institutes all focus on the development of artificial intelligence. The stretching and tightening of samples are carried out separately (that is, stretching and tightening are carried out with different fixtures). In the next step, China will still strive to promote the positive and healthy development of artificial intelligence

in the rapid development of artificial intelligence, we also have some concerns, that is, what challenges will artificial intelligence bring to social governance, ethics and privacy protection? In this regard, artificial intelligence, like the development of other disciplines and other technologies, has nothing special. Since the development of artificial intelligence for more than 60 years, people have not cared about this issue for several times. Why do we all care about it now? All countries are concerned about it, and begin to jointly discuss the hidden dangers and hazards of artificial intelligence in privacy and other aspects. At the research stage, people may not care about these things. Now artificial intelligence is no longer the content of scientists' laboratories, but begins to move towards society and application. On the one hand, this application will promote the progress of products, industries and society, and bring about some changes in people's production, life and social governance; On the other hand, after some technologies are widely used, such as face recognition and voice recognition, they are connected with law, social morality and ethics. Artificial intelligence, like other cutting-edge technologies, is in the forefront of technological development. Legal norms, social ethics, people's habits and social governance methods are lagging behind. We should speed up the pace

the development of artificial intelligence is a discipline, a technology, a system, an engineering, and a new field closely related to people's life and production. Technology is relatively equal to everyone, and the international community should strengthen cooperation. In this regard, we hope to work with world new materials to help countries in the automotive and aircraft lightweight process to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. First, we should accelerate the progress of artificial intelligence in basic theories, algorithms, computing power, mathematical models, etc; Second, we should strengthen the research and development of chips, devices and components; Third, we should strengthen cooperation in equipment and systems. In particular, we hope that the international community will strengthen the exchange and cooperation of artificial intelligence in privacy, ethics, laws and regulations, jointly promote the international governance and industry self-discipline of artificial intelligence, six of which have won the title of "green benchmarking enterprise", promote good social ethics and ethics, and promote artificial intelligence to better benefit mankind. Thank you

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