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Wangxin paper responded to the illegal fund-raising of 30million yuan: do not avoid, do not push the responsibility, and bear the debt according to law

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recently, a number of media reported that xiongguoquan, the former general manager of Nanchang Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wangxin paper), was suspected of illegally raising nearly 3000 yuan, which aroused widespread concern in the society. On November 21, Wangxin paper issued a situation statement to respond to the incident

Runping company took over Wangxin according to law. According to the information note, Wangxin paper, formerly known as Nanchang Huihui welfare Paper Co., Ltd., is a key investment attraction project in Jinxian county. Due to poor management, the company was restructured and acquired by Wangxin paper in 2011. Xiongguoquan introduced an investor surnamed Liu to invest in Wangxin paper

later, Xiong Guoquan introduced the shareholder surnamed Yu to transfer all the equity of Wangxin paper. Because the shareholder surnamed Yu was not familiar with the operation and management of the paper industry, he continued to hire xiongguoquan as the general manager of Wangxin paper. The new shareholders not only successively invested nearly 100 million yuan in plant and equipment transformation funds and working capital, but also basically did not interfere with Xiong Guoquan's daily operation and management. Even Huang Jing, the chief financial officer, was hired by Xiong Guoquan himself

however, the operating conditions of Wangxin paper industry have not shown any signs of improvement. The investment is getting larger and larger, but there has never been any return. Therefore, the shareholder surnamed Yu once again transferred all the equity of Wangxin to Jiangxi Runping Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Runping trade)

according to yinchanglian, the person in charge of Wangxin paper, Runping company became the biggest "victim" after taking over Wangxin according to law

refused to hand over the financial information to the company for alarm

in June 2018, Runping trade officially took over the company. In order to thoroughly understand the problems existing in the business process of Wangxin, xiongguoquan and Huang Jing were asked to hand over the financial account books and other information during the handover, but they were determined not to hand them over

in desperation, Wangxin paper filed a complaint with the Jinxian County Public Security Bureau, demanding that they be investigated for the crime of concealing and destroying financial account books

meanwhile, 30million private lending disputes surfaced

according to the company's many investigations and relevant evidence, xiongguoquan and others registered and established Jiangxi jinlaishun Asset Management Co., Ltd. as an investment platform to attract investment from public investors

this is basically consistent with the situation of Jinxian police and investigation

the fact sheet also shows that xiongguoquan, Huang Jing and others registered Nanchang Wangxin enterprise management center (limited partnership) which has nothing to do with Wangxin paper and used the company's account to receive funds from public investors

it is learned that at present, the public security organ has not only filed a case against xiongguoquan for the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits, but also officially launched a case against the crime of concealing and destroying accounting books and forging enterprise seals. With the approval of the procuratorial organ, xiongguoquan has been arrested according to law, and Huang Jing is wanted according to law for sneaking away

no evasion, no shirking of responsibility and assuming liabilities in accordance with the law

the fact sheet makes it clear that Wangxin's lightweight and cost-effective flame retardant PP products have replaced most of the traditional flame retardant ABS to exchange the latest development trends, industrial development orientation and other cutting-edge research, latest technologies and standards of the new material industry and related cities. The paper industry has established a special working group to carry out self-help work. In the case that Wangxin itself does not have the conditions for normal production and operation, actively invigorating the existing assets of Wangxin and improving the solvency of the enterprise will more effectively protect the interests of the majority of creditors and the public interest

suggest and support all creditors to safeguard their rights and interests through legal channels

since Wangxin paper was in the early stage of restructuring Huihui paper, the government has approved the public transfer of the land where the enterprise is located. Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd. is actively promoting matters related to public transfer

as a private enterprise, Wangxin paper hereby solemnly promises that it will never avoid problems, never shirk, bear debts according to law, and fully assist the public security organ to find out all the facts and solve all the remaining problems of Wangxin paper according to law

finally, over the past 10 years, Wangxin Jinan new period trial has been based on the principle of "based on innovative paper industry, appealing to the public. Do not turn a blind eye to the warning slogans such as" hold your purse tight and stay away from illegal fund-raising "that can be seen everywhere because you can't help the temptation of high interest rates. When choosing investment, you should fully evaluate your own anti risk ability and improve your risk awareness

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