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Wanrun cooperates with taipugao to develop CTP output machine to attack the mainland printing market

printing equipment factory domestic enterprises have begun to transform wet diaphragm. The CTP digital plate printing output machine jointly developed by Wanrun and taipugao will be officially unveiled at the Taipei international printing machine exhibition to attack the mainland business opportunities

it is understood that the price of this CTP output machine is about NT $2million-3million. Compared with foreign imported brands such as Heidelberg (Heidelberg model Heidelberg Tuku Heidelberg second-hand equipment) and Kodak (Kodak Model Kodak Tuku Kodak second-hand equipment), it is competitive in price

wanrunke said that in the future, it will be manufactured by the company and sold through the channel of techpool. It is expected that the effect will slowly appear from 2011

the first CTP output machine in Taiwan that Wanrun and taipugao cooperated this time, equipped with the only local digital CTP version, will help the domestic printing plate making operation to quickly transform into a digital plate making operation system. Because the CTP output reaches more than 100 kg per cubic meter, the machine and the digital CTP version are universal in the world and can be sold to all regions around the world

it is expected that after its launch, it will lock in the printing market in Chinese Mainland. The printing market in mainland China has huge potential. At present, there are as many as 100000 printing plants in Chinese Mainland, but there are only 5000 at this stage. In the future, driven by the industrial trend, the demand for CTP output machines will increase significantly. As for the domestic part, there are only about 200 sets of stomach capacity in a year, and the market scale is relatively small

wanrunke pointed out that in the future, the cooperation mode with taipugao will be manufactured by the company and sold by the channels of taipugao. For the company, the main contribution is from the sales revenue of machinery and equipment, while taipugao focuses on the future consumables market

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