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Wantong company developed a paper plastic composite packaging machine

Mudanjiang Wantong company recently developed a paper plastic composite particle packaging machine. The packaging machine has changed the traditional process of two production lines of small paper bag packaging, bag making and loading, realized the completion of bag making and loading by one machine, greatly reduced the cost, and filled the domestic gap from model to bonding mechanism

the project products have achieved the goals of high efficiency, low resistance and long life. The packaging of sugar and other products requires two sets of equipment, i.e. bag making and material packaging. The packaging cost is high, and manual packaging is easy to cause secondary pollution. This new type of packaging machine, using its own patented technology, can complete all the processes of packaging paper feeding, paste forming, material metering, bagging and sealing in one machine, and the packaging cost of each bag can be reduced by 60%

equipped with manual control box inching or quick action operation statement:

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