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The crisis of Wanjiale air conditioner sounded the alarm and highlighted the defects of brand management. Wanjiale Co., Ltd. leased the trademark use right of "Wanjiale air conditioner" to feixiangda. In order to achieve industrial expansion and obtain further economic benefits, however, it lacked the necessary risk control and early warning mechanism in the aspect of brand management, which eventually led to a fire

200 with the rapid development of scientific skills, in December of one year, Wanjiale Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wanjiale Co., Ltd.) sold the right to use the trademark of "Wanjiale air conditioner" to Zhuhai feixiangda Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as feixiangda) at a royalty of 10 yuan per unit

less than three years later, on march4,2004, feixiangda company suddenly broke out that it was unable to repay bank loans, defaulted on a large amount of loans, and was about to go bankrupt. The city gate caught fire, which affected the fish in the pond. The "Wanjiale" brand was seriously damaged

originally, Wanjiale achieved industrial expansion and obtained economic benefits for renting brands. However, it lacked the necessary risk control and early warning mechanism in brand management, which eventually led to a fire

"feixiangda" incident

the disaster of Wanjiale brand originates from the lease contract with feixiangda

the fuse of the incident occurred on the 4th of this month. Feixiangda company suddenly broke the news that it was unable to repay bank loans, defaulted on a large amount of loans, and was about to go bankrupt. Immediately, reports of "production suspension of Wanjiale air conditioner" and "Wanjiale air conditioner's inability to repay was seized" flooded the major media

it is said that feixiangda has owed more than 100 million yuan to Bank of communications, Shenzhen Development Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and it is estimated that the amount owed to suppliers is 70 million yuan

at present, with the intervention of the court, Bank of communications has seized 25000 sets of "Wanjiale" air conditioners, and Shenzhen Development Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China have also requested the court to take asset preservation measures

since the 4th, this newspaper has been contacting chenxuefeng, the legal representative of feixiangda Industrial Co., Ltd., but the company never answered, and Chen's number has become empty. A supplier disclosed that as early as a few months before gb/t7314 (2) 005 tightening method for metal materials at room temperature, chenxuefeng had given Zhuhai feixiangda industry to a man named Li Ming, and Li said in an interview that he had "been trapped by chenxuefeng"

according to the data, from 1990 to 2001, feixiangda company engaged in logistics and supporting trade in related refrigeration industry, with an annual turnover of 300million yuan. Since then, feixiangda has entered the field of air conditioner manufacturing and obtained the authorization of the trademark of Wanjiale air conditioner

according to the supplier of feixiangda company, at least 200000 sets of Wanjiale air conditioners have been sold by feixiangda company

although, the senior management of Wanjiale shares claimed that according to the legal provisions and the license contract, if feixiangda company violates the relevant national laws and regulations, it shall bear the corresponding laws and regulations by itself; Feixiangda company shall be responsible for the after-sales service of the products. Feixiangda company shall guarantee the quality. In case of quality problems, damage to consumers' personal and property, customer complaints, etc., it shall bear all the responsibilities

however, it is an indisputable fact that the brand of "Wanjiale" is damaged, especially for the related enterprises using the trademark of Wanjiale, such as Wanjiale water heater, gas cooker, etc. Because consumers do not understand that the relationship between Wanjiale Co., Ltd. and feixiangda company is brand leasing


"Wanjiale" trademark originally belongs to Wanjiale shares. Since december17,2001, Wanjiale Co., Ltd. has licensed feixiangda company to "exclusively" use the "Wanjiale" trademark in its air conditioners. The brand has a service life of 5 years, and has been filed with the state trademark administration. Feixiangda paid a deposit of 300000 yuan to Wanjiale. Both parties agreed that for each set of Wanjiale air conditioner produced by feixiangda, a trademark royalty of 10 yuan shall be paid to Wanjiale shares

the so-called "exclusive" use means that even Wanjiale Co., Ltd. cannot reproduce the products such as Wanjiale air conditioners specified in the contract, and Wanjiale Co., Ltd. cannot authorize other enterprises to use the trademark. Feixiangda company cannot re authorize the right to use the trademark to a third party without the consent of Wanjiale Co., Ltd

according to this newspaper, feixiangda company has just started to pay the brand royalties to Wanjiale shares on time, but it soon became delinquent. By the time of the incident, the brand royalties were in arrears for at least half a year, or more than a year, totaling more than 500000 yuan

so far, Wanjiale Co., Ltd. has actually received only 145000 yuan of brand royalties, and less than 500000 yuan plus the deposit. After the establishment of feixiangda company, the sales contracts signed with more than 200 dealers nationwide in 2003 reached 580million yuan. In 2004, feixiangda's target for domestic and export sales was 600000 sets

another principal of the company said that after the "feixiangda" incident, major media reported on the topic of "the bankruptcy of the company's air conditioner", which is easy to be misunderstood as something wrong with the company. In the whole incident, Marriott did not get much economic benefits, and was wronged in vain

in fact, the cooperation with feixiangda had problems very early. "Feixiangda has violated many other terms of the agreement, such as using the trademark beyond the scope, defaulting on the trademark royalties, and unauthorized re licensing the third party to use the Wanjiale trademark." Caideshan, chairman of Wanjiale Co., Ltd., said

without the knowledge of Wanjiale, feixiangda company at least licensed the trademark use right of Wanjiale to another enterprise without authorization

the evidence collected by Guangdong Huilian law firm shows that before signing the trademark license agreement with Wanjiale shares, that is, in November 2001, without informing Wanjiale shares that lightweight is also an inevitable trend in the development of home appliance materials, feixiangda company privately signed the Wanjiale trademark with a company in Wuxi

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