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Wang Xiaozeng shared his feelings and experience in purchasing wireless routers and brand recommendations

now almost every family can use them, but they inevitably need wireless WiFi and other functions. So how to choose a router with good wireless signal and good performance? The following is a detailed share. Before deciding to buy, I will talk about how to buy a suitable wireless router from four aspects. As long as you understand the contents of these four aspects, you can buy it with confidence and will never be "fooled". These four aspects are: brand and design, quality and performance, simplicity and ease of use, and price is another key point

(1) brand and design

needless to say, big brands determine everything about products to a large extent, and network products are no exception. Good brand includes product quality, quality and after-sales service. Here's a reminder: don't buy products from small manufacturers. Products from small manufacturers can neither guarantee quality nor provide stable after-sales service. We have seen many friends buy something before, but when it breaks down, they can't find the manufacturer. Regular large manufacturers like D-Link can still be trusted. If you pass the brand pass, you are designing. In the past, network products gave people the impression that they were a square box, which could be placed in a place where no one could see. But now it's different. If you have a beautiful small box with an antenna, flashing a small lamp, roaring ~ what a high-tech ~, it's hundreds of times better than IKEA jewelry. If you want to put the living room, the living room, the study and the study, you can place them

for reference:

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(2) quality and performance

this problem may be professional, but it doesn't matter, Don't worry, just read it patiently

first of all, you need to know what you want to do. For example, you have a PC whose main job is to go online. In addition, your father or wife (husband) has a laptop. They either watch stocks or play games. In addition, you have installed 1m ADSL broadband access. Good. Your needs have been made clear, so you can buy a 54m wireless router. 54m is actually a popular name based on 802.11g protocol. This specification is the most mainstream product in the market at present. For example, the dir-300 of D-Link is quite good. It is a new model launched by D-Link this spring. It can not only meet the daily needs of multiple PCs and simple multimedia file transmission, but also fully respond to the new network management function on Vista, so that the network device and the operating system form a complete management platform. In addition, because it supports QoS function, it can ensure the smoothness of video, games, VoIP and other network applications even when the network is busy. It is wonderful

when the specification is selected, the performance should be considered, including the transmission function, power, antenna gain, security performance, etc. of the router. This series of parameter indicators determine the actual experience such as download rate, connection stability, coverage area, network security, etc. You can get the parameters of these products by visiting Google or Baidu. Some stations even provide parameter comparison of two or more products. You can try it before you buy. In fact, when it comes to performance, products based on 802.11g protocol have become healthy. Antibacterial materials are a new trend in the development of home appliances. The quality of chip manufacturers is relatively stable and reliable. The difference lies in the wireless part. The noteworthy point is the design of the antenna. The quality of the antenna determines the coverage of the signal and the stability of the connection. Previously, the popular home router products were generally equipped with 2dBI antennas, which could meet the room coverage of ordinary square meters, and the stability performance was acceptable. But if you live in a house over 100 square meters, The antenna of 2dBI is somewhat "inadequate in the past two years. However, now there is a standard 5dBi product, which greatly enhances the coverage and connection stability of the product. Therefore, the antenna configuration is an important issue you have to consider.

(3) Simple and easy to use

after all, buying a product is for use, not for display. Therefore, the router must be simple and easy to use. A router that can be used as easily as a TV remote control is the best. For the wireless router, it is essential to have a simple and easy-to-use all Chinese configuration interface. You only need to enter the browser and fill in the user name and password of the fake aluminum alloy cable product according to the interface prompts and instructions, and then click next to complete it. At present, many manufacturers are actively optimizing and simplifying the interface, and strive to make a user who does not understand the network can use the wireless router smoothly. For example, D-Link is one of them. In fact, there is another important point, that is, big brand manufacturers can provide technical support services, that is, if you encounter difficulties, you can also seek solutions from the manufacturer's professional technical engineers. Engineers in "remote" can help you complete the configuration step by step. Ha ha, very good

(4) price problem

price problem will inevitably make people sensitive! At present, the price of the mainstream 54m products is within the range of 2XX yuan. Because the underlying technology is very mature, the final product price difference is not much. Probably the best product and the worst product will not exceed 50 yuan. In most cases, it is only a yuan. However, don't underestimate the 10-20 yuan. When the cost is added to the product, the quality is not 10 yuan or 20 yuan, so don't be greedy for a small price when purchasing. There is an old saying, a penny, a penny! If you don't believe me, go and think about it

source: lexuezhai it hot selling guide


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