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Wanhua chemical extended its industrial chain and accelerated its diversified transformation

Wanhua chemical (600309) accelerated its transformation to a diversified leading chemical enterprise. People from the company told China Securities Journal that the market potential of fine chemicals, new materials and special chemicals is huge and will become the focus of the company's development in 2016. In the second half of this year, the company's Bajiao Industrial Park Phase I project was successfully put into operation, bringing the advantages of cost, raw material supply and Industrial Synergy to the company's industrial extension

extended industrial chain

Bajiao Industrial Park Phase I project was successfully commissioned in the third quarter of this year, including 600000 T/a MDI, 750000 T/a propane dehydrogenation to propylene (PDH), 240000 T/a propylene oxide (PO), 225000 T/a butanol, 300000 t/a acrylic acid and supporting acrylate and 300000 t/a polyether polyol units, as well as other auxiliary and public works

"from the perspective of industrial chain, hydrogen produced by propane dehydrogenation is the raw material for aniline production", introduced by kouguangwu, the company's board secretary, "Propane unit and butane unit will become an important industrial platform for the company to develop downstream fine chemicals. Unlike other companies that sell propylene and acrylic acid as products, Wanhua chemical will use them as intermediate products to produce acrylate and super absorbent resin sap, and extend to the downstream of acrylate to produce waterborne coatings."

the company believes that C3 and C4 derivatives have huge market space. Taking water-based coating products as an example, the global consumption is about 43million tons per year, about 13million tons in China, and the consumption of MDI in China is 1.8-1.9 million tons per year. This means that the market of water-based coatings is 8 times that of MDI. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, "with the increasing attention to environmental protection, the use of solvent based coatings with benzene and DMF as solvents will be less and less. We are optimistic about the water-based coating industry."

pc project starts next year

the company's Bajiao Industrial Park Phase II project has an annual output of 200000 tons of polycarbonate (PC), and it is planned to start construction in 2016. The project will help the company develop downstream products with phosgene as raw material, enrich product categories and broaden the industrial chain

polycarbonate is an important part of the company's functional solutions sector. As the first of the five engineering plastics, PC can play an important role in the fields of electronics, household appliances, sheet and film. How to search the production technology; Perhaps users are concerned about the high threshold of direct information technology. Polycarbonate manufacturers are concentrated in only 8 enterprises around the world. In 2014, China consumed 1.4 million tons of polycarbonate resin, accounting for about 37% of the global consumption. Compared with the demand, China's polycarbonate Bayer materials technology 3 has a great buffer effect on the strong impact. The EIA production capacity of the 10000 t/a TDI technical transformation and capacity expansion project is obviously insufficient. In 2014, the import dependence reached about 85%. The company's entry into the production of polycarbonate will help reduce its dependence on polycarbonate imports and promote the healthy development of relevant downstream industries

phosgene, 32%naoh lye and 31% hydrochloric acid, the main raw materials of the project, can be supplied by Wanhua chemical MDI unit and Wanhua Chemical Industrial Park caustic soda unit respectively, making full use of the synergy between the company's business chains to effectively reduce the costs of raw material transportation and storage, so that the company has a great advantage in the high cost of products caused by fragile packaging. The total investment of the project is expected to be 1.462 billion yuan. It is expected that the project will achieve an annual operating income of 3.203 billion yuan and an annual net profit of 678million yuan

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