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Wanhua Beijing has developed OPP adhesion polyurethane composite ink connecting material

polyurethane ink occupies an increasing market share in the ink field because of its excellent performance and wide substrate adaptability. According to industry statistics, polyurethane ink accounts for more than 60% of the composite ink

the connecting material is the dispersing medium in the ink and the carrier of pigment particles. It is suitable for the printing of the ink. The customer's demand for the company's iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate products has also increased significantly. 7. High voltage protection switch of the refrigerant: it plays an important role in protecting the compactor and prolonging the service life of the tensile testing machine. The traditional polyurethane ink binder has the problem of poor adhesion of OPP film. It is necessary to add OPP adhesion promoter to improve its performance on OPP film. The relatively high price of OPP adhesion promoter directly increases the cost of ink products

Wanhua Beijing has made a breakthrough in this field and developed wancol, an OPP adhesion enhanced polyurethane gravure composite ink binder ® 905。 Even if no adhesion promoter is added, the adhesion can still reach about 80%. In the presence of a very small amount of OPP adhesion promoter, the OPP adhesion can reach 100%

WANCOL ® 905 also retains all the advantages of the traditional polyurethane gravure composite connector, such as excellent color development and good re 1 The utilization of recycled materials includes solubility, high temperature resistance, cooking, etc. In addition to OPP film, the ink with its configuration performs equally well on pet, NY and other film materials. Select wancol ® 905, while ensuring the performance of ink products, reducing its cost will greatly improve its competitive advantage

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