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Wangyansong: on packaging and printing from defect detection to quality control

2 Visual inspection scheme for printing quality of medicine bag/color box in the printing process of medicine bag and color box, offset printing is the absolute mainstream in terms of product supply speed and customer customized service response speed, and the consistency of the process is very high. Due to the influence of the policy, the drug package must be printed with variable electronic supervision code, and some new processes have been introduced; The process of color boxes is basically the same as that of offset printing companies, but 4.1 the shape and size of samples for high-end customers such as daily chemical color boxes and electronic color boxes have very high requirements for quality. The packaging surface is not allowed to have scratches and scratches, and the types of boxes are more diverse. The differences of these subdivisions result in different visual inspection schemes

typical printing process flow chart of medicine bag/color box is shown in figure 4:

Figure 4: medicine bag and the whole process quality solution of color Rotating Zigzag rod box printing must ensure the accuracy and completeness of signal

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