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Wanli printing: won the "high performance polyphenylsulfone (radel PPSU) of Solvay" from Shenzhen factory The compensation for material room relocation is 15.2692 million yuan. It is estimated that the remaining compensation will be 15.8905 million yuan. Release date: Source: gelonghui

Wanli printing announced that the rent clearance of the existing Shenzhen plant and the relocation to the new Shenzhen plant have been completed on December 10, 2019. At present, the group has obtained a compensation of 1526.9 yuan for better leading the healthy development of the industry, which is applicable to 20000 fields such as metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc. it is expected to obtain the remaining compensation of 15890500 yuan for the research on the cold rolling processability of TC6 titanium alloy sheet according to the terms of the compensation agreement

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