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The current situation of the aluminum alloy door and window industry is well known, and many door and window brands are trying their best to carry out, looking for breakthroughs in performance. Many door and window brands will pay attention to aluminum alloy door and window franchisees in various ways. However, this phenomenon is common in the aluminum alloy industry: door and window companies have done their best to attract some investors. But usually at the same time, many "regular customers" switch to other door and window brands. What are the factors? As "regular customers" feel alienated from the door and window brands, their business has not improved, and they cannot get strong support from the door and window brands. Therefore, they have invested in other door and window brands to obtain new development space and more attention

this is a major problem facing the brand extension and operation of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The following points must be done well in the extension and operation of door and window brands: key points: maintain regular customers, establish a sound door and window promotion guarantee system

it can be said that every investor operates a door and window franchise store through careful consideration and investment of a lot of money, time and energy. The original selection of door and window brands was also through many comparisons and careful consideration. No investor is willing to join the door and window brand without any inquiry. Therefore, every old customer is an extension and development of the company's brand, and is a family. However, there are still many door and window brands that have less to maintain their old customers after the opening of door and window franchise stores, and the franchise support policy is bound to be implemented. This also chills the hearts of old customers. Therefore, for the steady development of door and window brand companies, the franchise policy is imperative, and it is imperative to establish a sound door and window promotion guarantee system. How to promote the security system is sound? It includes the following aspects: 1. Supporting merchants at the terminal; 2. Implementing the franchise policy; 3. Contacting dealers at ordinary times to deal with dealer problems in time; 4. Informing franchise stores of windows and doors at the first time of the latest support policy and quotation changes; 5. Promoting franchise stores of windows and doors to bring more customers. If the brand of doors and windows can do a good job in the above places, it will inevitably win the support and trust of many old customers




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