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A few days ago, Cohen kitchen appliances had many happy events. After winning the two awards of "top ten brands in China's kitchen appliances industry", five range hoods were verified as scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Province by the scientific and technological achievements examination and registration office of the Department of science and technology of Zhejiang Province, and the "registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang Province" was issued. The registration of scientific and technological achievements is a system of national scientific and technological achievements management, which is formulated by the Ministry of science and technology and the National Bureau of statistics. After obtaining the registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements, the scientific and technological achievements completed by units and individuals can become the scientific and technological achievements with "household registration" counted and managed by the state, and can participate in the scientific and technological achievements awards established by the state, provincial and municipal governments, and be used by the society to play the role of scientific and technological achievements in promoting economic and social development

the innovative research and development of kitchen appliances should be made from the perspective of consumers and around the actual needs of users. As a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen appliances in the industry, Cohen appliance has been committed to improving the cooking environment of Chinese kitchens for many years, innovating around product use scenarios and service scenarios, and insisting on providing Chinese consumers with higher quality kitchen appliances. At the beginning of the design, Cohen's R & D team had an in-depth understanding of user needs, analyzed pain points, and conducted a large number of experiments and designs, which were presented recently. The five cigarette machines have made disruptive innovations while having the high-end basic configuration of Cohen, and have been loved and recognized by consumers

not only that, many new integrated stoves launched by Cohen recently have also been highly sought after by consumers. In order to further meet the diversified kitchen needs of consumers, Cohen's full range of kitchen electrical products have been expanding. Many new kitchen electrical products launched recently have conquered the market with high-end quality. The fourth generation integrated stove D26 Cohen was launched. The original Aoshi 304 stainless steel integrated molding design, set the surface of the smoke chamber without hooks, thorns and rivets, Prevent the body from rusting, oil leakage and oil leakage, and there is no second one in the core process industry; The first steamer integrated stove "steamer" D22 meets the needs of a new generation of consumer groups in pursuit of personalization, differentiation and health; LCD flat panel integrated stove D202, minimalist design, cooking life is more convenient; The innovative intelligent integrated stove d206 pays more attention to experience than attraction. The launch of some products has attracted more audiences

this time, it won the "registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements", which provides a strong scientific and technological backing for the future development of Cohen. In the future, Cohen will also continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of China's kitchen electrical industry through disruptive innovative design and advanced environmental protection concepts, leapfrog development, and provide users with more innovative and high-quality products





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