How to decorate American style houses

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We have written about the characteristics of American decoration before, so how to choose and match the material and texture in real life? Let Wuhan home decoration network tell you how to decorate American style houses

1. Material selection in American style decoration, furniture is mainly made of mahogany, cherry wood, pine and other materials, which is not only full of natural flavor, but also of relatively high quality. The upholstery of furniture is mainly made of leather and textured cotton and linen materials, which is very comfortable and practical

2. Color matching American decoration style is full of a kind of classical charm, so we often use those dark brown, gray, log color and other colors in color matching, so that the whole space is full of a sense of times and history. In addition, American style is also commonly used in beige, light gray and other colors, making people feel calm and low-key. Generally speaking, American style colors make people look very comfortable

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