Four fashionable Meixin wooden doors easily create

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Different decoration styles mean different styles of doors to choose. Today, we recommend four kinds of mahogany doors with different styles, and the styles and prices are relatively reliable

I. Meixin Korean solid wood composite door

white Korean pastoral style, clean and elegant temperament, there is not too much carving on the door panel, and the simple door pattern makes this wooden door round in the middle, soft and atmospheric. This wooden door adopts open paint. The surface of the door panel has strong natural texture, obvious texture effect, matte color, cordial and soft; The lock is Meixin's own product, with beautiful shape and good appearance texture. This is a typical rural style wooden door. Its simple shape and natural and simple temperament are the characteristics that many young people like at present. It is more suitable for rural style home decoration. The open paint is good for environmental protection

II. Maxine n817 solid wood composite door

this is a simple style wooden door with log color, and the surface has the texture of natural logs, which is fresh and natural. The simple two parallel lines decoration not only breaks the monotonous flat plate, but also does not take away the natural temperament of the wooden door, which is just right. The texture changes on the door panel are rich and beautiful, and the strip and parallel decorative lines form a segmentation effect when viewed from a distance. The dust strip (sound insulation strip) used in n817 solid wood composite door is white, and the material is like plastic, which also matches the light color effect of the door face

III. Maxin mx-87 solid wood composite door

this European style wooden door is more exquisite in shape than the first two, with a simple door head on it, so the whole is more upscale. The brown red color also appears calm and atmospheric. The locks matched with European style wooden doors also look luxurious and magnificent. The carefully carved cast copper handle shines under the light, which seems to show its nobility. The dust strip used is matched in red, which is exquisite in workmanship and texture

IV. Meixin 7039 solid wood composite door

it is also a European style Meixin 7039 wooden door, which is more simple and fashionable, with red color and auspicious implication. The texture of the door panel is like a large ink painting. Several linear decorations divide the ink painting into small pieces, which is more decorative and aesthetic. Take a closer look at the fine and beautiful texture on the door panel, which changes in thousands and is excellent for viewing. The simple handle collocation highlights the texture of the wooden door itself




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