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Enrich means to improve the quality monitoring ability of cigarette label paper (Part 2)

based on the analysis of the above quality problems, we suggest that printing manufacturers should add high-pixel camera lens while reinstalling the baffle to improve the detection accuracy. After this rectification, the printing quality of hongyangcheng cigarette trademark paper has been significantly improved. According to the statistical data, in the second half of 2003, the unclean patterns of hongyangcheng cigarette trademark paper had the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, and the number of qualified products decreased significantly. The comparison of unclean patterns of trademark paper decreased by 75%, and the comparison of unqualified products of appearance items decreased by 66.7%. (figure the phenomenon that the load does not increase but still continues to produce obvious plastic deformation is called yielding 3)

comparison of the arrangement diagram of unqualified items before and after the improvement (Figure 3)

we use the arrangement diagram to make the quality problem of the unclean logo paper come to light, and then use the cause and effect diagram to analyze the causal relationship between the quality characteristics and the possible causes affecting the quality characteristics. The combination of the arrangement diagram and the cause and effect diagram can accurately grasp the current situation and analyze the causes, Find measures to promote the solution of the problem

2. Analyze the damage and whitening phenomenon on the surface of cigarette trademark paper with high-power microscope.

in the process of folding and packaging on the machine, there are 90 or even 180 folds at some positions. The folding resistance of the trademark paper must meet the process requirements, otherwise it will be damaged and exposed. In the second half of 2004, the folding damage and whitening phenomenon appeared at the bottom of the soft double happiness cigarette bag. Through the manual folding packaging test, it was found that the folding damage and whitening phenomenon was consistent with that of the machine folding packaging, which proved that it had nothing to do with the mechanical equipment. It is impossible to tell whether this phenomenon is ink burst or paper burst by visual inspection. Therefore, we observed and analyzed it with the help of a high-power microscope, observed and photographed pictures from different angles (Fig. 4)

ink burst (Fig. 4)

according to the above pictures, we can clearly observe that there is no paper fiber image at the white area where the folding damage of the soft double happiness cigarette trademark paper is exposed, only the image of the ink bursting on the surface of the base paper. During the discussion with the printing factory and the ink supplier, according to the high-power microscope images we took, it was confirmed that the printing ink burst was the root cause of the folding damage and whitening of the trademark paper, which quickly solved the problem

3. Analyze the odor components of cigarette label paper by GC-MS

cigarette label paper is the coat of cigarettes. It should not only be good-looking, but also should not have odor components. Otherwise, it will pollute cigarettes, even seriously affect the smoking of cigarettes, damage the image of products and cause inestimable losses. In the process of new product development, the cigarette formula design has been tested for countless times, and it is not easy to determine the cigarette formula of a product. If the cigarette formula design of a new product is wasted if the cigarette formula is mistakenly packaged with the smelly trademark paper, resulting in the change of smoking taste. Therefore, the inspection of cigarette label paper smell must be meticulous and strict

during the development of a new product, we found that one of the trademark paper samples had abnormal smell through routine inspection. In order to determine the odor components of the trademark paper sample, we used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to detect the chemical components of unknown substances for qualitative and quantitative analysis, and compared the fingerprint of the trademark paper in normal use with that of the trademark paper sample. (Fig. 5)

Fig. 5 Comparison Chart of new product and common product temperament

according to the analysis of the comparison chart, the peak time of the substances that produce odor covers all fields of graphene research and utilization, which is 12.3min and 13min. The brand paper of the new product contains an ester substance (DI tincture ester of maleic acid), which can have an adverse impact on the smoking taste of cigarettes after being absorbed by cut tobacco. Based on this, we analyzed together with the printing manufacturers, replaced the printing ink, and finally solved the odor problem, so that the new products can be launched smoothly on time

with the continuous improvement and innovation of cigarette package printing technology, as well as the continuous innovation of ink, paper and other materials, a new subject has been put forward for the quality control of cigarette trademark paper in cigarette manufacturers. During the inspection of cigarette label paper, we personally realized that only by constantly enriching the inspection means and methods can we improve the quality monitoring ability of cigarette label paper, ensure the stability of the appearance and internal quality of cigarette products, and enhance the market competitiveness of the brand

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