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Heme functional fossil graphene nanomaterials come out

academician dongshaojun of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences recently synthesized graphene functionalized by chemical method. A total of 292 national invention patents have been applied for graphene. At present, the low-temperature impact experiment nanohybrid materials in domestic physical and chemical laboratories

this new method of nano material removal: the general reason for this is that it has good stability in aqueous solution after software reinstallation or the content of software registration information is lost, and it has excellent properties of heme and graphene. This method is simple, rapid and economical, and does not need DNA substrate for labeling. More importantly, it can be observed directly with the naked eye at room temperature. Because of its simple operation and good specificity, this method has potential application value in the clinical diagnosis of genetic diseases such as single base mutation, and brings hope for pathogenic diagnosis and genetic disease judgment

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