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Henan announced the list of intelligent equipment enterprises, and a number of machine tool enterprises were selected into the

] in order to thoroughly implement the three-year action plan for the development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection in Henan Province (2018-2020), vigorously develop the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, accelerate the promotion and application of equipment products for the innovation and development of new material industry in Henan Province, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, Henan recently released the "list of intelligent equipment enterprises in Henan Province". Among them, a number of machine tool enterprises, including Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Puyang Beiying numerical control mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., and Anyang Ruiheng Numerical Control Machine Tool Co., Ltd., are on the list

since the "made in China 2025" was put forward, many parts of the country have begun to vigorously develop the manufacturing industry, and intelligent manufacturing has also become the direction of the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. As an important manufacturing province in China, Henan is in the stage of accelerating from the middle stage of industrialization to the middle and late stage of industrialization, and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure is more urgent. To this end, Henan has issued a series of measures, such as "one to three changes", "implementation plan of intellectual property operation fund for key industries in Henan Province", "action plan for transformation and upgrading of electronic information industry ()", to help Henan Manufacturing develop forward. The release of the "list of intelligent equipment enterprises in Henan Province" not only means that Henan's support for the manufacturing industry continues to increase, but also shows the determination of Henan to build a national CNC machine tool industry base

as early as the beginning of 2017, the general office of Henan provincial government issued the "13th five year plan for the development of strategic emerging industries in Henan Province". It is clearly mentioned that we should focus on the development of advanced robots and intelligent manufacturing in the direction of intelligence, green, service and high-end. Martin said, "ldquo; I believe that our research will open up a new cutting-edge set of equipment, high-end CNC machine tools, aerospace equipment, additive manufacturing equipment, artificial intelligence, etc. in material science research, accelerate the breakthrough of a number of key technologies and core parts manufacturing bottlenecks that restrict the development of the industry, promote the industrialization demonstration application, strive to achieve the scale of high-end equipment industry of 200billion yuan, and build an important robot and CNC machine tool industry base in the country

at present, the equipment manufacturing industry in Henan, including CNC machine tools, is developing well, and the overall scale has risen from the 7th to the 5th in the country. In 2017, the added value of equipment manufacturing industries above Designated Size in Henan Province increased by 13.3% year-on-year, accounting for 20.5% of the added value of industries above Designated Size in the province; The main business income is 1.65 trillion yuan, and the profit is 108.998 billion yuan. Among them, the export growth rate of CNC machine tools is particularly prominent, with an annual growth rate of more than 30%

high end CNC machine tools are an important strategic resource of the country and an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of a country. At present, many parts of the country have begun to actively lay out CNC machine tool industrial bases. As an important manufacturing province in China, the establishment of CNC machine tool industry base in Henan is expected to provide strong support for the development of manufacturing industry in the Middle East, and at the same time, echo with other CNC machine tool industry bases in the country, further improve the layout of China's machine tool industry, and boost the development of manufacturing in China

(Reference: Anyang, this kind of sample is suitable for glass fiber fabric to enhance the heat, and can now the maximum force or tensile curve diagram of solid plastic plate Dahe, casting, finishing by this)

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