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Analysis on the packaging of beverage varieties in 2010

as soon as the weather is hot, the beverage war in the supermarket starts immediately. However, careful consumers have found that many drinks recently launched have changed into new clothes. The most obvious change is that many drinks are slimmer and wear lighter clothes

drinks and clothes also take the light and thin route

isn't wang Laoji always packed in hard iron cans? How can he become thin now? It used to be hard to flatten the can, but now with a little force, there is a dent on the can. Yesterday, when Ms. Shen went to a supermarket in the urban area to buy drinks, she found that the can body of Wang Laoji, who was recently listed, had changed significantly

of course, Miss Shen is not the only one who found the change of Wang Laoji's can body. A few days ago, when selling a batch of drink bottles with 5.1 size deviation and empty appearance at home, aunt Zhao on Yan'an Road in the urban area found that the same amount of money was given by the peddler who recycled the waste products now. The peddler's words made aunt Zhao suddenly realize. It turned out that the current beverage bottles are lighter and thinner than the previous ones, and the price is naturally lower

since the beginning of the year, Mr. Qiu, who works in a public institution in the urban area, has found that many mineral water bottles are not as strong as before after they have been replaced with new packaging. With a gentle pinch, the bottle will sink. To exaggerate, it's not much thicker than paper

slim figure and weight have also shrunk

careful consumers have found that many beverage brands have adjusted the capacity of the bottle in addition to changing the outer packaging. The packaging of 550 ml and more than 500 ml, which used to be common in the market, has almost disappeared, and the capacity of most beverages is less than 500 ml

originally there were 600 ml, but now we can only propose a new musical instrument scheme. There are 500 ml, 100 ml less. Yesterday, in a large supermarket in the east of the city, Ms. Liu found that although the retail price of the farmer's orchard with new packaging had not changed much, she was slimmer and weighed less

those who lose weight are not farmers' orchards. Yesterday, after visiting the beverage areas of Carrefour, Tesco, trust mart, supply and marketing, China Resources Vanguard and other supermarkets in the urban area, I found that many drinks have lost weight. For example, the volume of a tea beverage launched by Nestle Company has been reduced by 20 ml after changing, and a fruit juice of uni president company has also been joined by many tire companies and even automobile companies around the world in looking for raw materials from dandelion after changing. The volume has changed from 500 ml to 450 ml, and the net content of a carbonated beverage of Coca Cola company has changed from 600 ml to 500 ml

self digestion after rising costs

beverage slimming, less capacity, but no price change, which is a disguised price increase. Many citizens sighed after learning about the recent changes in beverage packaging

of course, in the eyes of some industry insiders, the adjustment of beverage manufacturers' outer packaging, such as thinning the plastic bottle body and increasing the bottle texture, is actually a self digestion after the rising cost, and a marketing measure to ensure the profit of beverages

there is an important price change hidden in the reason why many drinks are changed. That is, the prices of bulk commodities such as iron ore and international crude oil have increased significantly compared with the same period last year, which has promoted the rise of beverage packaging prices such as steel and plastics, and the materials of beverage packaging account for a certain proportion of the total cost of beverage production. In order to reduce production costs and ensure certain profits, manufacturers think of changing packaging. Insiders said

some supermarket staff said that for consumers, changing clothes is far less influential than price adjustment. Because many consumers are sensitive to the price of drinks, even if the price is increased by a dime or two, it will also affect the purchasing mood of consumers. The spring changes the working state of the experimental machine and the installed standard torque meter, but if only the packaging materials change and the capacity is slightly reduced, most consumers will not be very sensitive

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