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Henan coal chemical fills the gap in China's high-end carbon fiber production

great achievements have been achieved in autumn and October, and high-tech projects have received good news. At 16:00 on October 23, with a happy mechanical roar, the T7 aerospace grade carbon fiber production line of Yongmei carbon fiber company officially opened the whole process. This marks that Henan coal chemical group company has filled the gap in China's high-end carbon fiber production, broke the monopoly situation of developed countries in this field at one fell swoop, and will play a more important role in the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone

carbon fiber industry is one of the strategic emerging industries vigorously developed in China. This high-tech new material has excellent properties such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and light weight. Its density is less than 1/4 of that of steel, but its tensile strength is 7-9 times that of steel. It can not only be used as a structural material to carry load, but also as a functional material. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, national defense, automotive, environmental protection. Its main test items include: tensile, zigzag, contraction, shear, stripping and other experimental environmental engineering, chemical industry, new energy, transportation, construction, electronics, sports equipment and many other fields

due to the complex production process and high technical content of carbon fiber, as well as the export of foreign limited technology and the addition of some coagulant preparation, the level of carbon fiber development and production in China has been low for a long time. In order to reverse the situation that China's carbon fiber is subject to foreign countries, the group company, in cooperation with Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has established Yongmei carbon fiber company, whose main business is the industrialization of high-performance carbon fiber, and has adopted independent research and development technology to tackle this high-end new material project

after concentrated research, Yongmei carbon fiber company successfully produced T3 grade carbon fiber in December 2010, and achieved continuous and stable production. In order to march into higher fields, at the beginning of this year, Henan coal chemical group company decided to build a new T7 aerospace grade carbon fiber project. In less than 7 months, the project personnel overcame difficulties and devoted themselves to research. After many preparation schemes and technical improvements, they broke through a number of technical problems, and finally opened up all production processes at 16:00 on October 23

it is understood that the T7 aerospace grade carbon fiber produced by Yongmei carbon fiber company this time has a significant increase of more than 40% in key indicators such as tensile strength, modulus and elongation at break compared with the T3 grade carbon fiber previously produced. The construction period of the project is only 202 days, setting a benchmark in the construction history of the international industry. The group company, which can reduce (increase) the temperature of the experimental container outside the tank, will take this opportunity to focus on achieving new breakthroughs in the carbon fiber industry

the new breakthrough in carbon fiber production also marks the emergence of Henan coal chemical group company in the field of materials. At present, in addition to carbon fiber, high-end chemical projects such as polyoxymethylene and coal to ethylene glycol are also progressing smoothly. While striving to build the largest production base of high-performance carbon fiber in China, the group will also further strengthen the structural adjustment of the chemical industry, accelerate the construction of Asia's largest polyoxymethylene production base before the tolerance of plastic parts, and the world's largest coal to ethylene glycol production base, and strive to build a modern new coal chemical system with the most complete comprehensive utilization of coal and the most complete industrial chain, Strive to further play a pillar role in the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone

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