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Marijuana is better dressed in metal

in designated countries, the extensive development of legalization of marijuana is creating a trend suitable for product packaging

holy smoke -- ready for the green rush. What is green rush? According to 60 minutes, Colorado has been rich in golden and silver cattails since ancient times. Some people call it green rush, not only because of the color of its rich medical marijuana, but also because of the final benefits that may be brought if you are in the list of first declaring ownership

Americans have different views on marijuana, and there are many words about supporting and opposing the legalization of marijuana use. Even so, one side of this problem cannot be denied: Legal marijuana, especially for recreational consumption, has brought considerable economic opportunities to the packaging industry

in addition to cannabis suppliers, suppliers for the supply of food, beverages and topical products containing cannabis will also use a variety of packaged products and services. These include shopping bags, cans, bottles, cartons, labels, shippers, and even RFID tags for inventory control, plus services such as graphic design

in 2012, Colorado and Washington legalized adults' recreational use of marijuana through electoral measures, and this year approved marijuana for (non-medical) retail for the first time. Several years ago, these two states legalized medical marijuana. (among them, Colorado in 2000 and Washington in 1998.) So far, a total of 20 states (plus Washington and Washington, D.C.) have legalized medical marijuana

some packaging suppliers have benefited from the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, including a a packaging company in Los Angeles. The company mainly deals in pop bottles, cans, bags, labels, child safety packaging and other supplies to traditional pharmacies and medical marijuana pharmacies

Brian Cohen, President of a packaging company, said: we have done quite well in the medical marijuana industry and the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, and orders have been soaring

rules and implementation rules

in the packaging industry, some companies have benefited from the so-called green rush. In view of the immature development, scattered distribution and volatile situation of the cannabis industry, these companies need to carefully study relevant laws and regulations and cultivate the ability to take action quickly

it is foreseeable that, like the alcohol and tobacco industries, legalized cannabis is being shaped into a highly regulated business category. However, unlike these industries, marijuana is illegal at the federal level. Therefore, there is currently no federal regulation

even in states that legalize medical marijuana, these regulations will vary greatly due to the regulatory rules of local judicial departments. Colorado has been committed to establishing a statewide umbrella for its newly expanded marijuana industry, including packaging and labeling businesses

Cohen added that it is not only necessary to ensure the quality of equipment when purchasing: at present, Colorado and Washington are trying to regulate the regulation, and Washington is still exploring solutions to all difficult problems under the leadership of Colorado. The first marijuana retail store in Colorado opened on January 1, 2014, and the marijuana retail store in Washington will also open in June this year

in Colorado and elsewhere, cannabis labeling regulations usually focus on public safety and clear information on packaging

in San Francisco, the urban public health department and the San Francisco City Authority have formulated regulations on the use of medical marijuana by groups

the packaging and label of products sold by Green Cross community (a non-profit medical marijuana group in San Francisco) contain information about recommended dosage, warning, content, drug name, shelf life, contact information and so on, which is similar to prescription drugs. Holli Bert, the Green Cross community liaison, explained

bert said: for the initial label, according to the regulations, it must include the company name, contact information and other information. In addition, we will attach the following warning: please keep it properly. Keep away from children and pets. California authorities have detected carcinogenic chemicals in marijuana smoke. We will attach it selectively according to the specific situation. Please stay away from children. Warning. But in all cases, stay away from pets. Warnings must be added

in any marijuana sales area, children's safety is the focus of supervision. For marijuana in edible products, San Francisco's packaging regulations include warnings to keep it out of the reach of children, allergen warnings, and opaque packaging materials that hide the products from teenagers

Green Cross uses cardboard boxes and flexible packaging bags to cover up its edible information. Although the relevant departments at the city and county levels have not stipulated that the initial packaging of medical marijuana should use opaque packaging, we will package marijuana products in white bags before they leave the store, Bert said

in Colorado, recreational and medical marijuana require child safety packaging

in February 2014, an industry wide circular issued by the marijuana law enforcement department under the Department of finance of Colorado clarified the provisions on the safety of children in the state, and explained that according to 16 C.F.R. 1700.20 (1995) standard and ASTM classification standard D, the packaging of marijuana products must be designed or manufactured in a form that is difficult for children under 5 years old to open but easy for normal adults to open

switch to opaque packaging

another requirement of Colorado child safety packaging is opacity. The packaging material must be able to conceal product information before the package is opened

in response to this regulation, Dixie elixirs edibles in Denver has changed the packaging of all its products to an opaque form. The company produces all kinds of products containing tetrahydrogen 4 Thermocouple scanning device is a product of cannabis phenol (a psychoactive ingredient in cannabis), and cannabis products for medical and entertainment are sold at the same time

dixie's products include beverages, chocolate bars, truffles, mints, bath salts, massage oils, tinctures, capsules, etc. The company prepares and packs all its products at its Denver plant before sending them to stores in Colorado

for its main elixir tetrahydrocannabinol containing soda water, the company adopts the opaque upgraded packaging of glass bottles -- brushed aluminum alloy bottles. Its chocolate products are packaged in matte aluminum foil paper bags, Peppermint Candy is packaged in aluminum tin, and pharmaceutical capsules are packaged in light silver

the packaging graphics of Dixie products play a very important role in attracting the attention of adults but not children

Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer of Dixie, said: in terms of appearance, we do have a specific retail model. Hodas described the characteristics of Dixie packaging as adult oriented, high-end and exquisite -- animals and clowns are absolutely not allowed. Dixie worked with Denver design's grit to design its packaging graphics and structure

at present, Julie Kate bakery in Denver is redesigning its packaging so that it can not only comply with the new regulations of Colorado, but also position its food containing tetrahydrocannabinol as a high-end product. Its products include oatmeal bars, Cereals, cannabatter and nut desserts. The company is also developing a coconut oil containing cannabis products

Julie Kate produced medical marijuana products before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, and is now participating in retail projects. The company is changing the packaging of all its products from transparent bags or bottles to opaque packaging. The pattern on the package shows the appearance information of the internal product to consumers

like the previous packaging, the new packaging will also convey the characteristics of this brand for adults. Julie Dooley, the owner of Julie Kate bakery, said: the packaging of products containing tetrahydrocannabinol should show A piece of marijuana leaf or descriptive information that can clearly distinguish other products

she added: our company attaches great importance to this matter. We support the price of coke with the rise of steel, and hope that parents can become experts in identifying [Looking] this kind of information We are very clear that we are the first object they need to identify

as in the past, Julie Kate's new packaging design is not [to] attract children. The color scheme chooses dark pink, green or yellow -- instead of the bright colors or tones that can attract children's attention in Jixi, which has an original coal production capacity of 31million tons. Dooley said that these colors are relatively soft earth tones, which specifically attract more mature eyeballs

she also added that the new packaging did not look beautiful, but beautiful, traditional and not attractive to children. [we] follow Ralph Lauren and Godiva's ideas and think about what high-end is and what high-end looks like

T-shirt packaging

for medical marijuana, more and more pharmacies and groups use pre filled and pre marked packaging. In these organizations, cannabis weighing and packaging are often done by pharmacy employees rather than supply chain partners

Bert of Green Cross community said: We package all products ourselves. The organization has a window shop and also provides distribution services, dealing in food, capsules, face cream, lotion, as well as smoking marijuana and pre roll (cigarettes) packed in pre packaged bags

bert explained that green cross community will adopt different types of packaging according to product characteristics. Most of our edible products are sold in sealed packaging or reusable sealed bags. Coconut capsules containing marijuana, Canna caps and all bulk products and their concentrates are sold in small plastic containers. All our marijuana is packaged in resealable plastic bags and stored in sealed bags or containers before packaging or resale

medical marijuana is legal in California according to the 1996 version of the T-shirt use law. But if residents of this state want to buy marijuana, they need to get the advice of a doctor; Doctors cannot write prescriptions for marijuana because the federal government of the United States classifies marijuana as a controlled substance in schedule I. The doctor's opinion can enable the patient to obtain a certificate issued by the California Department of public health for voluntary use of medical marijuana

Tony mrsich, a holder of medical marijuana certificates in California, said that he preferred the method of pre weighing and pre packaging compared with the old method. Using this method, marijuana salesmen can weigh and package marijuana when patients buy it

he said: I like the pre packaging method because it means that the fewest people are responsible for the initial packaging. He also explained that this method is conducive to the health and safety of patients, and can minimize the loss of drugs rich in tetrahydrocannabinol. What I'm worried about is just the lack of samples to see, smell and cut

inventory control

mrsich, a former manager of a medical marijuana organization in San Francisco, designed a pre packaging procedure when he began window shopping. Before his manager arrived at the store, the employee had weighed each packet of marijuana

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