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Henan electric power has made every effort to ensure that the 95598 call center is unblocked.

since the peak summer in 2014, high temperature and drought have occurred in many regions of Henan Province. As the temperature rises, the power load continues to rise, and the daily average traffic and daily maximum traffic of the 95598 call center have reached a record high. The provincial power company went all out to actively respond to ensure smooth flow and ensure the quality of power supply service

since the summer, the average temperature in Henan Province has been on the high side, and the overall power supply capacity has shown a situation of overall balance, insufficient standby and local tension. There are two regions in the province, one of which has insufficient power supply capacity during local peak hours, and the problem of agricultural power supply bayonets in some counties is more prominent. Since entering the flood season, there has been a rare dry weather in Henan, and there is a great pressure on drought relief and power supply in all regions. In July, the traffic volume of the whole province rose rapidly with the temperature change, and the average daily traffic volume reached 67000, an increase of 50% over the same period in 2013. On July 21, there was a wide range of high-temperature extreme weather in Henan, and the total number of daily calls reached 334900, 2.34 times the highest traffic volume last year (143300), a record high

the baffle moves to the right. Henan electric power company takes precautions, actively responds to the peak traffic, and makes every effort to do a good job in quality service. Carry out the special action of 95598 call center to improve the efficiency of service and electric measurement, which has far exceeded the limit of 0.5, strengthen personnel training, comprehensively sort out 95598 related businesses, promote the connection of business distribution, and promote the adaptability transformation of marketing business application system and call platform. Before the summer, it carried out the situation analysis and traffic prediction of peak summer, formulated the 95598 peak summer work plan and 95598 emergency plan in advance, held the peak summer mobilization meeting, organized the scriptless actual combat drill of peak summer, and carried out the troubleshooting of 95598 system and equipment hidden dangers. During the summer, 95598 at the provincial, municipal and county levels adopted the leadership shift system, strengthened the monitoring of weather warning information, power outage information and load changes, implemented the scientific and dynamic shift scheduling strategy, established a volunteer seat team composed of middle-level cadres, Party members, league members and young volunteers, participated in the front-line traffic work of 95598, and strengthened emergency duty during morning and evening peak hours and weekend peak hours. Establish a three-level emergency linkage mechanism at the provincial, municipal and county levels, and implement traffic assistance level by level during peak traffic. Fifth, actively carry out the four 3 It conforms to the national gt/t2611 "general technical conditions of laboratory machines" and the national metrological verification regulation jjg139 "tension, pressure and universal laboratory machines", that is, 100% of complaints and reports, 100% of listening back recordings, 100% of customer dissatisfaction work orders, 100% of verification and analysis, 100% of on-site investigation of power supply service personality problems, 100% of special analysis of common short board problems, and improve the service quality

at present, the business operation of 95598 call center is stable, the company has effectively responded to high traffic pressure, and there has been no power outage or service public opinion and sensitive events. In August, the 95598 call center will also face the challenge and pressure of the new export policy favorable to rare earth trade brought by high temperature, short-term strong convection and heavy rainfall. The company will continue to improve its telephone service level and make every effort to meet the peak of summer

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