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Hemp textile association looks forward to the "12th Five Year Plan": clarify the situation and ideas

recently, China hemp textile industry association held a chairman's Symposium in Jincheng, Shanxi Province. Du Yuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association, attended the meeting. Xu Jixiang, President of China hemp textile industry association, Zhang Shiping, honorary president, and representatives of vice president units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xu Jixiang

Xu Jixiang pointed out: "This is a meeting that makes it difficult to recognize the point of submission. Reviewing the 11th Five Year Plan and looking forward to the 12th Five Year Plan. The 11th five year plan is an extraordinary five years for China's Hemp textile industry, which is full of variables and challenges. The 12th Five Year Plan will be a five-year period for the improvement of China's Hemp textile industry. Only with new technology can enterprises prosper; only with good adjustment can enterprises prosper. 3. Horizontal tensile testing machine mainframe can complete various materials by adopting different fixtures Mechanical property test under tension, contraction, zigzag, shear and other conditions; Strong brand, strong enterprise; High product value leads to high enterprise profits; If domestic sales are prosperous, enterprises can be prosperous; Only enterprises that are good at environmental protection can do it. Therefore, this meeting is very important. It is a meeting to clarify the situation, clarify ideas, carry forward the past and forge ahead, and revitalize development. "

the meeting also held a discussion on how to better develop China's Hemp textile industry under the current economic situation. The topics covered the market environment, price fluctuations, technological innovation, system reform, science and technology alliance, industrial publicity and other aspects faced by the hemp textile industry

Du Yuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association, finally pointed out that China's Hemp textile industry is a small industry in China, but it is the largest in the world's Hemp textile industry. To become a powerful country, we must rely on strength and have industry characteristics. Improve the core competitiveness of the hemp textile industry and form a complete industrial chain, value chain and supply chain in the upstream and downstream. We should develop products with optimized structure, advanced technology, cleanness, safety and high added value according to market changes and technological development trends

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