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Analysis of Tetra Pak's refusal to localize (2)

in the view of many companies and local governments that expect to become Tetra Pak's partners, this is a little paranoid. When Tetra Pak had to spend more time explaining to the market for its insistence on importing raw materials, another newspaper helped them. CCTV economic half an hour recently revealed the large-scale destruction of forests in a new business in Yunnan, China by Indonesia's golden light group, Asia's largest paper mill. According to the report, Jinguang group has reached an agreement with relevant departments of the Yunnan government to establish its pulp base in Yunnan. The planned land for Forest Pulp and paper is 27.5 million mu, promoting the domestic production and supply of aluminum-plastic film for power lithium batteries; From May 2018 to December 2020. Jinguang group announced that it would plant fast-growing forests on 27.5 million mu of forest wasteland to provide raw materials for its pulp production. 1 we must pay attention to this link. However, the survey found that there are not so many forest wastelands in Yunnan Province, and nearly half of the base of Jinguang group is built on lush forests. Now, they have begun to enjoy the benefits of nature and the well-being of the Chinese people, and a large number of mature woodlands are being mercilessly destroyed. If this plan is allowed to be implemented smoothly, these forest resources will be cut down, and the entire ecology of Southern Yunnan will be fatally hit

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in China, such cases often end up because of too many interest disputes, and the attention to environmental protection usually gives way to interest demands. This is different from the Swedish idea. Tetra Pak's practice may be related to the deep-rooted awareness of environmental protection. The environmental awareness survey from the Swedish national consumption bureau shows that almost half of Swedes are willing to pay 20% more for environmental protection products

although Sweden is rich in forest resources, it still "cherishes the forest like gold". Tetra Pak packaging is known as the product most favored by environmentalists. The milk, fruit juice and beverages packaged with it do not need to be refrigerated, and can be kept fresh for six months at room temperature, saving a lot of energy consumed by refrigeration. At the same time, this kind of paper package can be recycled and made into "colorful music board" to make furniture, floors, toys, audio equipment, etc. Tetra Pak was soon extended to the whole of Europe because it was truly "green packaging"

keeping the needs of social ethics in line with the company's development goals is obviously a guarantee for the long-term survival of the company, but many times, the conflict between the two is inevitable. Usually people will choose performance, and therefore pay attention to its external performance - always relishing its marketing or management skills, but always ignoring the company's healthy personality and adhering to universal values. In this regard, there have been too many scandals

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