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Help small and medium-sized enterprises ABB strive to be the pioneer of energy conservation and emission reduction

"ABB has the ability to help industrial areas that consume more than 70% of energy to achieve efficiency and energy conservation." On December 9, keruisi, senior vice president of ABB group and chairman of ABB China, said in Beijing

cooperation is targeted at 99% of China's small and medium-sized enterprises

this afternoon, abb signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework agreement on energy conservation and consumption reduction with the foreign cooperation coordination center for Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises under the Ministry of industry and information technology at Beijing International Hotel

according to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate closely to help domestic small and medium-sized enterprises master the systematic knowledge and technology of energy conservation and consumption reduction by holding efficiency and energy-saving seminars, technical training, providing advisory services and other ways

yuan Pu, director of the center, said, "if we can reduce energy consumption in industrial fields, especially in high energy consuming industries such as mining and metallurgy, pulp and paper, oil and natural gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and power generation, we can effectively support the overall goal of national energy conservation and emission reduction."

yuan Pu believes that in the above process, it is very important to apply effective efficiency enhancing and energy-saving technologies and solutions. The cooperation with ab flat tail hammer B is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, which account for 99% of the total number of Chinese enterprises. He said, "I believe that the signing of this cooperation agreement will play a positive role in strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between abb and small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting the development of energy conservation and environmental protection technology in China."

the cooperation between the two sides will be "from shallow to deep, from small to large." After completing the demonstration project of 3) good dispersion and mixing of products in plastic resin, the center will "promote" in relevant regions and fields

In 2006, abb signed a five-year strategic agreement with Guangdong Province to help local enterprises improve energy efficiency and support Guangdong Province to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 16% by 2010

abb believes that systematic energy-saving diagnosis is the premise to achieve effective energy management, and the key to improving the overall energy efficiency performance of industrial users is to adopt perfect and systematic energy-saving measures

in the first half of this year, abb provided a systematic energy-saving diagnosis pilot project for Guangzhou Paper Group Co., Ltd., one of China's largest paper manufacturers, and finally defined 18 major opportunities for energy conservation and consumption reduction, bringing potential cost savings of up to 9million to 18million yuan per year to customers

in Guangdong Meizhou Heshuyuan power station project, abb provided a complete set of DCS distributed control system to help the power plant reduce 10000 tons of sulfur dioxide every year and reduce the total emission of sulfur dioxide by 90%. In the Shenzhen Metro Line 1 project, abb has successfully helped customers save energy by 30% every year, and can recover all their investment in less than three years

up to now, abb has carried out efficiency and energy-saving training for more than 1000 enterprises in Guangdong Province, and provided efficient energy-saving technologies and equipment for energy-saving projects of many enterprises

Chris said, "the government plays an important role in advocating efficiency and energy conservation and encouraging enterprises to invest in advanced and effective efficiency and energy-saving technologies."

the potential of efficiency and energy conservation is far better than renewable energy

most people have realized that there are two ways to deal with the severe challenges of global climate change and energy shortage: one is to develop renewable energy, and the other is to use existing technologies for efficiency and energy conservation

at present, hydropower is the most important renewable energy in the world, which is the new generation of driving power value decomposition degree: 1/200000 people and passengers customize electric vehicles, and other renewable energy accounts for less than 3% of the total global power generation

obviously, renewable energy is only one aspect of the overall strategy to combat climate change. "Efficiency and energy conservation are the best way to reduce emissions, but they have been ignored for a long time," said Chris

the International Energy Agency predicts that in the next 20 years, the emission reduction potential of efficiency and energy conservation will far exceed the sum of all other methods

research on the overall energy chain shows that in the process from energy development to industrial production, only 20% of primary energy can finally be effectively utilized, and the proportion of wasted energy is as high as 80%

when talking about what ABB does? Corus introduced that abb has efficiency enhancing and energy-saving products and solutions covering all links of the energy chain, including high-efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, boiler combustion optimization, advanced process control, power plant optimization management, high-efficiency transformers, advanced transmission and distribution systems, intelligent buildings, renewable energy and water treatment

at the same time, abb also has the knowledge system and implementation experience of efficiency and energy conservation for the whole energy chain. Together with the above leading products and solutions, they form ABB efficiency and energy conservation system

according to statistics, the application of ABB systematic efficiency and energy-saving scheme can effectively reduce the energy loss of 20% - 30% in the energy chain

in order to consolidate its leading edge in the field of efficiency and energy conservation, abb has maintained a stable R & D investment. In 2008, the efficiency and energy-saving business accounted for 45% of ABB's annual sales. In recent years, the R & D expenses of the company for efficiency enhancing and energy-saving technologies and products account for more than 50% of the total R & D investment of the group

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