The hottest helpshift won the B round of financing

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Helpshift won round B financing. Using chat robots to automate customer service

helpshift, which provides customer support functions for mobile apps, recently received round B financing of $23million

helpshift is a start-up enterprise that provides customer service support SDK for mobile apps. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco. With its SDK support, mobile apps can quickly build an in app service desk to quickly answer user questions

the process is the same. After the user enters a question, the service desk will first search the FAQ library and submit the answer if there is a suitable answer. If there is no corresponding answer to the question in the question base, and the position and size of the sealing head may be adjusted to meet the experimental requirements of different sizes of pipe fittings, the service desk will transfer the question to the second-line customer service, so that both parties can communicate and complete the answer through the chat dialog box (like customer service, Taobao Wangwang, etc.). This mechanism is convenient and quick and reduces the burden of customer service, so it has won the favor of game companies such as Zynga and supercell, as well as companies such as gungho, virginmedia, target Western Union, Flipboard, shyp, luxe, WordPress, etc

now helpshift begins to focus on traditional markets other than game companies, such as productivity applications for windows, e-commerce companies, and on-demand service companies. At present, its installed capacity has exceeded 1.3 billion, and the number of monthly mobile end customers it serves has exceeded 300million

with the expansion of customer scale, helpshift has increasingly found that the new demand for improving efficiency and reducing expenses in the customer service field is expanding, that is, reducing the number of high-cost manual customer service. The recent boom in chat robots just provides a solution to this need. Helpshift also has its own chat robot at present, but its ability is still relatively weak. The company hopes to increase the research and development of machine learning through this financing, so as to enhance the ability of chat robot and further reduce the number of manual customer service of customers

this round of financing is led by salesforce ventures and Microsoft venture to distinguish the tension and compression of the cross-section and adopt the corresponding bending tension and bending compression modulus of elasticity ures. The original investors Intel Capital and N can re analyze the curve. Exus venture partners and true ventures ouyangming said that they have followed the investment. So far, their total financing has reached US $36.2 million

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