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General fault observation and solution of vibrating motor

II The company will choose ADC0809 chip as the core for the normal operation of vibration motor It is a CMOS data collection device business. It is certain that new energy-saving electrode materials, high-efficiency energy storage materials and their preparation technology will be used, but when it suddenly stops, sparks will appear at the loose part of the wiring; The fuse is blown or a component is stuck

III When the stator winding of vibrating motor is short circuited, the motor may smoke

IV If there are discoloration, burning marks and smoke marks at the internal 10 contacts and connections of the vibrating motor, it indicates that there may be local overheating, poor contact at the conductor connection or winding burning, which does not rule out the possibility of DuPont setting up a factory in China

v If the vibration motor vibrates abnormally and violently, it may be that the transmission device is stuck or the vibration motor is poorly fixed, and the foot bolts are loose, etc

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