Gehitachi and Indian nuclear power corporation set

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Ge Hitachi has established nuclear reactors with Indian nuclear power company

Ge Hitachi nuclear energy (GEH) recently seized a batch of technological commanding heights ahead of the world and announced that it would sign two cooperation agreements with India's leading nuclear power company (npcil) and BHEL. Gehitachi would cooperate with the above two companies to establish a variety of nuclear reactors based on GEH design to help meet India's domestic energy production needs

as the world's leading supplier of nuclear technology and services, GEH signed separate contracts with npcil and BHEL. Npcil is a nuclear energy utility company operating 17 nuclear reactors, and BHEL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power generation equipment and parts located in Tehran, India

India's two government-owned companies are helping to lead India to focus on nuclear power generation, and strive to develop nuclear power 8, plastic tensile testing machine drive system inspection: electromechanical noise power generation from the current 4.1MW to 60gm

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according to the signed contract, GEH company will plan for npcil and BHEL company to provide the equipment required by the two companies in the manufacturing and construction process, such as Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hengyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and 3 Steel Co., Ltd., by reducing 20 yuan/ton, such as providing them with multi-component advanced boiling water reactor power stations. This reactor with a power generation capacity of 1350mw is the third generation reactor design that has been put into commercial operation and proved to have good performance in the world

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