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General land occupation standard for corrugated boxes

what is "general land occupation standard"

general land occupation standard is a set of standardized and convenient design standards for corrugated packaging boxes, which enables the promotion and application of cartons without changing or hindering the successful distribution and distribution system that has been used in the retail industry and agricultural products industry for ten years. The standard defines the consistent floor area of cartons, with full-size cartons of 597mm × 398mm, half size carton 398mm × 298mm。 The design of packaging boxes for exhibition and non exhibition purposes is also included in the standard. The standard also stipulates the design specifications of embedded stacking to ensure consistency and stability

why should we standardize

dealers are improving the cost-effectiveness of material management, moving, distribution and distribution systems, so as to obtain doubled profits. When fresh agricultural products are moved from the ground or through simple packaging to the distribution center, re palletized and then moved to retail stores, the packaging boxes used for transportation are very important. The function of the packing box is to prevent the products from being damaged in the distribution process and ensure that the products are fresh and attractive when they arrive at the retail store and can be sold immediately

standardization beneficiary groups


△ obtain economical and low-cost packaging schemes and recyclable recycling

△ optimize the use of three-dimensional space

△ ensure that the product is not damaged through customized design

△ a variety of carton designs and material structures are available

△ reduce the impact of standard changes: there are many supply channels, which can continue the past long-term cooperative relationship


△ the requirements for handling work and staff training are reduced, saving the labor costs of distribution centers and distribution stores

△ uniformly implement this standard to facilitate the global procurement and distribution of products

△ the reduction of product handling in the dealership also reduces the product damage caused by frequent handling

△ provide a variety of advertising displays (open skylights) and covers

consumer is still a relatively narrow consumer in its development field

△ fresh and natural agricultural products with attractive appearance

△ reduce the inconvenience of handling

characteristics of new corrugated paper

general corrugated packaging land occupation standard establishes a unified land occupation size and chain stacking standard for corrugated boxes, and recommends their use, so that products can be loaded, handled, stored, transported and traded efficiently with standard pallets. The standards set for corrugated boxes are applicable to the entire handling process of products from the place of origin or simple packaging, through the distribution center, and finally to the distribution point, including the style design applied to the carton sales packaging of products in the distribution store. This set of standards promotes the compatibility of the industry and provides a consistent and unified operation platform for the continuous development of carton design. 4. Install the two ends of 1 test piece flatly in the fixture and fix it, while meeting the personalized needs of customer marketing/distribution

our domestic carton enterprises also display in a direct reading way. We should learn from it, go out of the enterprise, and understand the actual needs of users, sellers and even consumers, so as to produce more humanized products, get the recognition of users, and stand at the forefront of the market

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