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General operating procedures for foundry equipment

machine information integration: first, it must be observed before work:

1 the government attempts to establish two currency pools, the real estate market and the stock market, to lock the excessive issuance of money, carefully read the shift records, and solve the remaining problems of the previous shift

2. Remove the obstacles that hinder the normal operation of the equipment

3. Lubricate the equipment according to the provisions of the lubrication card

4. Check the fasteners at key parts of the equipment. If they are loose, they must be fastened well

5. Do not operate without the operation certificate of this equipment

I. It must be observed in work:

1. Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to start the equipment with load or use the equipment with overload

2. After the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the work post without permission, and shall concentrate on the operation according to the process procedure

3. Always pay attention to the operation of the equipment, such as poor lubrication, loose fasteners, damaged parts, pipeline leakage, electrical failure, or bearing temperature greater than 65 ° С The auxiliary equipment of the plastic granulation unit mainly includes paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter, spark tester, and take-up device. It should be shut down immediately for treatment, and the maintenance personnel should be notified if necessary

4. In case of equipment accident, stop the operation of the equipment immediately, maintain the on-site situation, and report to the relevant departments for inspection, analysis and treatment

III. it must be observed after work:

1. Turn off the circuit, or close the valve, and cut off the power or water source and gas source

2. Clean the site and equipment to keep the equipment and its surrounding environment clean

3. Carefully fill in the shift handover record and do a good job of shift handover. Click to view all industries with great deformation during the tightening (you can call our order: 0531 (8) end)

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