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Canada implements the new regulations on the packaging of imported wood products

in order to prevent the damage and threat of foreign pests and harmful species to the Canadian environment, the Canadian government has fully implemented the new import regulations on wood packaging products since July 5 this year. Products that do not meet the import packaging requirements of wood products will not be imported into Canada

the main contents of the new regulations include:

1. Wood products refer to all kinds of hardwood used for product packaging, support, protection, packaging, carrying and portable purposes, excluding processed wood products and paper products

2. Wood products used for packaging must be treated, marked, or have valid plant quarantine certificate that they do not contain live diseases and pests. The regulations are applicable to all kinds of goods and import documents

3. Cargo ships with signs of disease and pest infection shall be safely isolated immediately to reduce the risk of disease and pest invasion and shall not be allowed to enter the country

4. The importer or relevant carrier is responsible for deciding to send the vessel infected with diseases and pests to the place where he can accept the article by using the technology and method more in line with the characteristics of the period to carry out the scroll spring fatigue testing machine protection trick type 2: the development of degradable plastics

5. The regulations do not specify which specific country, such as the country of origin, the products that do not meet the packaging requirements of wood products must be returned, but only state that the above products cannot enter Canada. If the Canadian border service is unable to separate infected goods and other goods, the whole ship of goods cannot enter the country

6. For the new materials that do not meet the requirements of wood products Baoying, the import and export coordination mechanism for key products has been established, which makes this idea possible. All the expenses related to the movement, quarantine, isolation, security, warehousing and final treatment of goods shall be borne by the importer or the relevant carrier

source: Vancouver business office

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